The Twilight Saga

(Indian Sense)

A hundred years ago. There were three dogs. They were fighting over a dead a dead body. They were related to each other. They were brought up by three indians. The indians were brothers. The brothers names were Skinnyfoot, Longnose, and Dragtail, The first two dogs were fighting over a dead buffalo. While the third dog watched. The third dog got ran over by a herd of buffalo while the first two dogs died fighting. Then the three indians came along and saw the three dead dogs, Skinnyfoot revived the second dog. And without knowing what happened a Fox appeared before his eyes. The same happened with Longnose and Dragtail, But they were two completely different dogs. One was a Coyote and one was a Wolf. No one really knows what happened but the dogs. The Wolf, Fox, and Coyote thanked the Indians.

Skinnyfoot pet the Fox and walked away. The other two did the same. The Wolf walked with his two brothers. "Why didn't you stop us?" Wolf asked Coyote. "I didn't know what to do...." Coyote replied sadly. "But then i got ran over by a herd of Buffalo." Coyote continued. Wolf resonded what to Coyote was saying. "At least the indians helped us," Wolf said laughing. Coyote smiled a little. Then Wolf went to go hunt. Wolf came back with a rabbit. Fox was shocked, "Brother no wonder you're a Wolf." Fox said. "You picked up the indian's trait." Fox continued. Coyote started laughing hysterically. And Fox started scavenging for food.

The three indians had three different traits. Dragtail was the hunter. That's how Wolf came to be. Skinnyfoot was the scavenger. That's how Fox came to be. And Longnose was the devious one. Must I say more? While Wolf was hunting Fox followed. After Wolf killed his prey he left to drink some water. Wolf came back and found Fox eating what he had killed. Wolf started to growl."How dare you!" They fought once more. Since Wolf was a hunter and smartet than Fox. Wolf was superior over Fox.

Coyote sat back and laughed as he watched Wolf and Fox fight. Fox laid motionless on the floor and got back up when he heard Coyote's loud laughter. Coyote stopped laughing when Fox walked near him. Fox was edging closer and closer to Coyote. "How dare you laugh at me!" Fox attacked Coyote. And left Coyote a bloody mess. Coyote got back up and yelped. "Okay, I'm sorry Fox." Coyote said. Wolf was astonished. "I have gained more respect for you Fox." Wolf told Fox.

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