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Name: Deloris Chloelle Magnolia

Age: 19

Status: Single! Hit Me Up!

Crushing: Nope!

Species: Fallen Angel/Godess

Abilities: None

Nicknames: Lola, DeDe, Chloe. Make more!

Drinks (Sometimes) - Drugs (Sometimes) - Virgin

Talking To: Chris

My Story: Well, I am the popular sister, everyone loves me! Our parents left us when we were Dell (Brandi) Took care of us even though she was the same age as us. I'm the one that actually has a life. LOL! I go out and have fun! Anything else you wanna know just ask!



Name: Jordan Alexandria

Age: 19

Status: Single

Crushing: No

Species: Fallen Angel

Abilities: Can See The Future

Nicknames: Jore, Lex, Dria.

Drinks - Drugs - Virgin

Talking To: Clove

My Story: I'm the quiet, misunderstood, sad one. Without Brandi I would be dead. I don't have any friends. I work my ass of to help pay for our [edited by mod]apartment and our college. I work at the nasty ChickenBucket! As the cook and the delivery girl. Anything else ask.


Name: Brandellisa Ariel

Age: 19

Status: Single

Crushing: No

Species: Fallen Angel

Abilities: Can Read Minds

Nicknames: Brandi, Lisa, Ariel, Ari, Dell

Drinks - Drugs - Virgin

Talking To: Can't remember

My Story: Our parents were killed by supernatural hunters, I just told my sisters that they left us so they wouldn't be hurt. I have few friends but I work hard to help pay for our apartment and college like Jordan. I take care of these two and have since we were like 13. We bounced from home to home and then finally at age 16 I took them and we left. The supernatural hunters are still after us but we do a pretty damn good job that they don't find us. Anything else ask.

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