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oh i really LOVE edward cullen but there are some things in eclipse that make me think of his character.for example when he "tells" jake that bella is going to marry him.he knew that bella didn't wanted he to know it.i think that he just wandered bella's reaction on this movement so he would find out she loved jacob or not and after all he got very dissapointed.what do you think about it?

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Comment by meenakshi on February 14, 2011 at 2:35pm

to trotter

u r so right i agree wid u totally

but the marriage thing was like 2 check whether bella was in love with jacob or not

Comment by Trotter on February 4, 2011 at 10:58am

One of Edward's significant flaws is that he is so sure that he knows best.  And with his special abilities, he usually does.  Dealing with Bella he makes all kinds of mistakes and is too sure of himself to catch them quickly.  First he can't hear her thoughts so he is seldom right about what she is thinking.  Second he has never been in love before and makes all of the mistakes people in their first love make.  Often Edward does things thinking he is being smart and doing the "right" thing when he is being stupid and doing the wrong thing.


His dealings with Jacob fall squarely into this area.  Had Edward behaved toward Jacob in an adult manner things would have gone differently; however Edward behaved just like a normal teenage boy.  The more that Jacob and Edward really go to know each other, the more resolved Jacob became to Edward and Bella's relationship.  The more he saw how much Edward really loved Bella the easier it was for him to let her go.  When Jacob saw Edward as burning man in Breaking Dawn, he stopped trying to steel Bella away from him.


The scene in Eclipse when Edward ensures that Jacob over heard that he and Bella were getting married is exactly one such case.  He thought that Bella's agreement to marry him would make Jacob give up.  Instead it made him want to fight that much harder.  I also don't think that Edward understood how much Bella really loves Jacob.  Bella's feelings for Jacob are not romantic infatuations, but true affection.  She doesn't really want him romantically, but she truly loves him.  So he failed to see how much the news would hurt Jacob and how much Jacob's pain would hurt Bella.


Yes, it was a bone headed move, but it was exactly the kind of bone headed move that Edward would make.

Comment by Samantha Lynne Smith on January 23, 2011 at 1:18am
I think he was trying to run Jacob off, We saw how mad she got at him for telling Jake before the fight.
Comment by Shawnte Brody on November 20, 2010 at 12:20pm
I hate that that part in eclipse was told all wrong, because in the book she asked him about his favorite night. Yea he knew Jacob was listening, and that was so wrong of him. I just think Edward was putting up a fight just like Jacob was. Its sad for Jacob because Bella still didn't love him enough.

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