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Bella's POV One dreary day in the city of Seattle,it was pouring down rain.(as usual) with the only thing to look forward to is the fun and laughter I'll have with my friends at school.The extremely weird thing was that none of them were at school. And there's 10 ofthem so how could they ALL be gone? There was this strange new kid that was beautiful I mean gorgeous! his name was something like Damen. His perfectly sculpted cheekbones made him all the more beautiful. His hair touched just shy of his shoulders and it was black. Every day he wore the same outfit that looked almost identical to the one he wore the day before. He had rippling biceps they were HUGE they could have their own ZIPCODE! He wore slick, black motorcycle boots(ever since the accident with my family i could read minds and see peoples auras.And the strange part was i think i've seen this guy before.All the time i have to listen to the popular kids call me FREAK!! and LOSER!!! And the worst part is about reading minds is i have to listen to the opinion of others like:poor hot Damen has to sit next to that freak Bella.

to be continued

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