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ok this is a comedy/action thingy. It takes place in a world similar to the twilight world. everyone on my friend list is in it, but u don't have 2 be on my friend list. just put a comment saying u want 2 be in it. i usually put 2 to 3 people in it (not counting people from twilight.). the people in today's episode are..

ieasha (Mrs. ieasha Lautner (i wish) on TTS. also, i hope i spelled that right. XD)
Me. (i may not be in every episode.)

Special Guests (twilight people):

Edward Cullen
The bad vamps. (yeah, from the first book. it'll be explained later.)
Quil (couldn't think of anyone else XD)

And now, on with the story!

*a forest at sunset*

Me: ok ieasha, we're going to camp here.

ieasha: It might be too late to ask, but why?

Me: *shrugs* i don't know. i thought it would be fun.

ieasha: *sighs* if you say so.

(15 minutes later)

Me: ok, we're here!

ieasha: hmm, this is a nice, little clearing.

Me: i know. i've been living here for a while.

ieasha: you live here?!

Me: yup.

ieasha: .....

Me: it's a long story.

ieasha: another question is why did it take 15 minutes to get here when it's not that far from the forest entrance?

Me: apparently we took the long way. anyway, let's set up the stuff.

(10 minutes later)

*bushes rustling*

Me (sarcastically): oh, this is just great!

ieasha: what is it?

Me: this might sound crazy, but i think there's a vampire around here.

ieasha: how do you know?

Me: well, my nose is burning and...

ieasha: and what?

Me: i can't think of another reason.

ieasha: -_-

*Edward comes out of the bushes*

Me and ieasha: .....O_O

Edward: Hello ladies. don't mind me. i'm just avoiding something.

Me: avoiding what, Edward?

*fog surrounds everyone*

Me: ..O.O oh no.

ieasha: oh no? what's oh no?

Me: that's the same effect they used in the twilight movie when the bad vamps came!

ieasha: you don't mean..?

Me: it could be.

ieasha: but that's impossible!

James: *emerging from the fog* not anymore!

Edward, ieasha, and me: O.O

James: Laurent! go turn off the fog machine!

Laurent: fine. *fog turns off*

Edward: how are you guys alive?

Victoria: I don't know. we were dead, now we're not.

James: and we will have our revenge! *points to Edward* on YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE! and to start we have captured the human minor characters in the book. Victoria, bring out the minor characters!

Victoria: *pulls out cages which are empty*

James: Victoria, where are the prisoners?!

Victoria: I guess they escaped.

James: Weren't you and Laurent supposed to be on guard duty?!

Laurent: yeah, but we got distracted by fan fiction.

James: all right, no computer for you!

Edward, ieasha, and me: -_-

James: anyway..we'll have our revenge next time!

*the bad vamps disappear*

ieasha: well, that was weird.

Me: Yeah, i know.

Edward: *shakes head* and to think i was about to take them seriously.

ieasha: how do you think they came back to life?

Me: i don't know, but whatever they're up to, we've gotta stop 'em!

Edward: Count me in!

ieasha: Me too!

Me: so we're going to get our friends together and we're gonna stop the revenge of the bad vamps!

Edward and ieasha: Yeah!

Me: so anyone have any idea how we're gonna do that?!

Edward: You're bright girls. i'm sure you'll think of something.

ieasha: well, we should head back to town and tell everyone.

Me: do ya think they'll believe us?

ieasha: this is a twilight world. what do you think?

Me: Good point.

*the 3 run to the town and to the newspaper reporter place where Quil works*

Quil: Hi guys.

Edward: enough chit chat. do we have a story for you!

(the next day)

*the newspaper tells about the bad vamps revenge*

ieasha: part 1 of our plan complete.

Me: let's just hope they'll believe it.

ok, that was part 1. sorry if it was short. Episode 2 will most likely have more people. Be sure to tell me what you think!

Xx Alena xX

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