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Yay! Episode 2! I know you guys have been waiting for this! At least, i hope you've been waiting. b4 i go on, i must mention that this world is based on this website (yeah, i know. crazy, right?) anyway, in this episode are...

Seth Clearwater (yes, he's my friend.)

Set to Fail

Me. (yeah, again)

and my special character made just for this story: Flare Sparkeon (i know her name sounds like a Pokemon. just bear with me here.)

the special guests are the bad vamps and this style of writing means thoughts. Now, on with the story!

(it's been 3 days since word of the bad vamps got out. Alena and Set to Fail go see Seth for help.)

Seth: So, what you're saying is that they just came to life without any explanation?

Me: Yeah. Even they didn't know how they came back.

Seth: Well, our first order of business shouls be finding out how they came back.

Set to Fail: And how exactly are we going to do that?

Me: This seems like a good time to mention this card i got in the mail. *holds up an envelope*

Seth: What's it say?

Me: It says 'I can help you with the vamps. meet me at noon.' Wow, that sounds like something I did in one of my role plays. Anyway, it also has this business card from Flare Sparkeon, a girl who claims to be a witch. She has a magic shop somewhere in town.

Set to Fail: Then we should go see how she can help.

(a few minutes later, the three arrive at the shop.)

Me: Hello? Anyone in here?

*a blond haired, blue eyed girl dressed in red steps out.*

Flare: Hello. I've been expecting you.

Seth: Hi. I'm Seth, and this is Set to Fail and Alena.

Flare: *waves*

Set to Fail: Your letter says it can help us with this bad vamps crisis.

Flare: And I can. You see, the truth is, i caused all this.

Everyone except Flare: What?!

Flare: Now don't jump to any conclusions. It was an accident.

Me: but...

Flare: Please allow me to explain. There is a spell i've been working on. It brings the dead back to life. I was planning to use on my parents. Obvoiously, they're dead. I guess I didn't read the tombstones. You see, i've seen and heard the damage the bad vamps have caused and wanted to help. So, will you let me help?

Everyone but Flare: *nods*

Flare: Yay! Thanks, you guys! You won't be dissapointed! So what are the plans?

Me: We don't have plans yet.

Flare: That's fine. I'll get to work on an antidote.

*there is screaming coming from outside*

Me: What was that?

Seth: I don't know. Let's go find out.

*the four walk outside to see a crowd of people screaming and running*

Set to Fail: What's going on?

Random guy: The bad vamps are attacking town square! Run for your lives!

Flare: You three hold them off.

Set to Fail: What are you gonna do?

Flare: There's some weapons inside that we can use. *runs inside*

Seth: Well, that leaves us to fight 'em.

Me: Well, what are we waiting for? *phases to wolf, then charges for town square*

Seth: *does same thing Alena just did*

Set to Fail: *follows Seth and Alena*

Flare: *coming out of store* Hey, wait for me! *runs after them*

(at town square)

Flare: All right, bad vamps, just what the heck are you doing attacking innocent people?!

Victoria: Well, if you must know, we're creating another newborn army.

Flare: *rolls eyes* Couldn't you guys have come up with something else?

James: Shut up! It's a great idea!

Me:No it's not. We've read eclipse and we know how that plan goes.

Flare: Hold on a sec. *flings sparkly dust at me and Seth*

Seth: Hey! What was that for?!

Flare: So me and Set to Fail can hear you.

Me: Um..ok.

Set to Fail: Can we get on with the fight?

Flare: Here, take this *gives him a sword*

Set to Fail: ....

Flare: Don't worry. the magic on it gives you the knowledge of how to use it. And one more thing. *snaps fingers*

*the blade of the sword is on fire*

Set to Fail: ...woah.

Me: So are we ready now?

Flare and Set to Fail: Yeah.

Seth: All right then. Let's do this!

Me: *charges at Victoria*

*Alena goes right through Victoria*

Me: Hey, what gives?

Seth: *charges at Laurent but goes through him* What the heck?

Set to Fail: *tries to slash James, but sword goes through James*

James: haha! =P

Set to Fail: All right, Flare, what's the big idea?

Flare: *shrugs* apparently they're part ghost now. they're..they're...what's the word?

Me: *still trying to get Victoria* Ghostvamps?

Flare: Yeah, Ghostvamps.

Seth: *still trying to get Laurent* How can we fight Ghostvamps?

Flare: I can make a potion to solidify them.

James: Well, this is no fun. Come on guys.

*the bad vamps dissapear*

Seth: *phases back to human* Great, they got away.

Me: *phases back to human* I'm sure they'll be back, though.

Set to Fail: Either way, that was the worst fight ever! I'm keeping the sword, though.

Flare: Go ahead. I've got lots of other stuff. I'd better get to work on my solidifyer and my antidote. In the meantime, you guys prepare for an even bigger fight.

Seth: How do you know there's gonna be another fight?

Flare: *smirks* I just know.

Me: We'll be ready. *cell phone rings* Hello? uh huh. Great! *hangs up* That was Ieasha. She said Jake, the pack, and the Cullens are gonna help.

Seth: That's Great!

Set to Fail: Yeah, we're gonna need all the help we can get.

Flare: Well, the bad vamps better watch out 'cuz we'll be there and, like Alena said, we'll be ready.

So how was it? Be sure to comment. And remember, if you wanna be in the story, just tell me.

Xx Alena xX

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