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The Twilight Diaries- Robert Pattinson Diaries: How Impossible it was Kristen!!!

u noe I was just bein' bored,
so i just started dis post.
As titled The Twilight Diaries it wud be on account of twilight cast members....
i hope u like it...

Robert Pattinson Diaries: How Impossible it was Kristen!!!
I knew how it felt (sigh!).
To be alone. Fully alone!! You understand ALONE!!!!
I knew I had to do it one day. Ofcourse!!
I was sitting at my hotel room in New York.

I am single … almost everything that came out about my private life is false.
I think it happens because, really, there is not much to say about what I’m doing.
While I am filming, I live practically [like a] recluse in [a] hotel. I come out only to work, and sometimes to go out for dinner. But, if you read the magazines, it seems that I have a frantic high life.

The words were repeating in my mind again and again...........
again and again.............
How i had managed to even take out that bored voice!!!
How could I tell Kristen I am dazzled by her fully, i can't do my work without her and that stupid interupter Emilie!!!
Save me from this messssssssssssssssssss!!!

I'm dazzled

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So this your creation?
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