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Name: Delilah Melanie

Age: 16

Status: Single

Crushing: Nope

Species: Human

Abilities: Good Looks and Charm

Nicknames: Lila, Mel, Annie. More?

Drinks - Drugs - Virgin

Talking To: Ellie

My Story: I love being me! I'm a happy fun-loving 16 year old! If you want/need to know anything else just ask!


Name: Candice Gabrielle

Age: 16

Status: Singe

Crushing: Nope

Species: Human

Abilities: Really Flexable

Nicknames: Candy, Dice, Gabby. Extras!

Drinks - Drugs - Virgin

Talking To: Tony (Anthony)

My Story: Pretty and blonde? Somebody please tap this! Jk Jk Jk. Anything you wanna know just ask lol.

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Tags: Annie, Candy, Dice, Gabby, Lila, Lilah, Mel


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