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Who Is Your Favorite Character?
Jacob Black, Mike Newton, or bella

Newton has this little kid crush on Bella (its cute) he's also hilarious with his hatred towards edward.
Jacob is just this wreckless teen and who doesn't like a little danger and fun???

Favorite Twilight Moment?
When Bella punched Jacob in the face for kissing her

Favorite Book in the Series?
Breaking Dawn or New Moon

Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team Switzerland?
Switzerland all the way

Favorite Vamp? Favorite Wolf? Favorite Human?
Vamp- Edward/Jane
Wolf- Jacob/Girl Wolf (kate??)
Human- Mike Newton

Would You Rather...

Ride a motorcycle With Jacob or Die Knowing You Got To Live Your Life With edward?

Hunt a Wolf or Be Hunted By A Wolf?
*Be Hunted*

Become Vampire or Wolf?

Be Imprinted On or Imprint On?
*Be Imprinted On*

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Comment by Isabella Marie Riggin on January 8, 2010 at 9:56pm
ik that's how mine are i like the edward from the book he sounds so beautiful and romantic and totally protective....!!!! i also think rob pattinson did a good job being him in the movie!!1
even though i am team neutral
Comment by Edward Luver on January 4, 2010 at 8:20pm
lol im sooooo happy i've found ppl hoo apreciate vamps!
i mean all my friends r either wolf or tired of twilight!!! ; (
i hate it when ppl like choose 2 b team jacob 'cause they think he looks better in the movie!
i mean i'd like 2 choose them for their personality etc.
ill stop talking
Comment by Isabella Marie Riggin on January 4, 2010 at 3:52am
new that just kinda got brain blocked for a moment
Finally someone who is all bout vamps instead of wolfs geesh
i agree bout both those cullens they're so funn and i havent heardof sum1 more romantic than edward
breaking dawn is my second fav i prefer the 2nd tho
mine is mike or bella
Edward is sooo cute and romantic and totally tops my dream guy
wolf is either jacob or leahs brother (again withthe brain block)
mine is mike he is sooo darn funny and his crush on bella is adorable

i love answers im glad to hear them i wish ppl would comment more often everyone insight is soo interesting and unique cause its their perpetive... I like steppin into others shoe for a few minutes hahaha
Comment by Edward Luver on December 9, 2009 at 8:41pm
just so u no the girl wolf's name is leah

and im team edward forever!!!!!
and rather become a vampire
my fav vampire would be either alice or edward
my fav book in the series is breaking dawn
fave character would be Edward or Alice
Edward- 'cause i just luv edward he's old fashioned but yet soooo good looking lol sry
Alice- 'cause she is just plain awesome!!!!!!!! and i luv how she can see the future!!!!!
my fav wolf is Leah
and my fav human is angela
lol sry ill stop boring you with my answers

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