The Twilight Saga

The Wierd & Yet Haunted Night ?????? Chapter: 1

It was about 11:57 pm Friday the 19th........ and I was all alone. Anyway I should tell you how that even happened. It was Friday morning the 19th to be excact I was eating brunch with my dog Juliet she is a Great Dane ( she wasn't sitting at the table but on the floor ) my maid Jenifer (I call her jen ) was cleaning the marble stove & my chef Hailey was sitting in the spare bedroom listening to her audio book of her fav book Full Moon. I was bored but I was a millionair widdow with a huge manision it was my husband Edward Blake the III he had all his money in Kraft stocks. That is why he was rich because of mac n' cheese anyway, he was a hunter, a good one at that, he loved the sport. He was maulled by a bear or a ( creature of some sort cough.....cough.... vampires..... ). So he left everything even his estate to me I was happy about that but not that I was still in danger from those creatures like me. Did I mention I was a vampire. So that is my story...... and then that night....

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Comment by Baeley Cullen on August 3, 2009 at 6:35pm
I will be making about 2 more chapters so read when they r in

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