The Twilight Saga

         A crowd of kids surrounded a fancy Mercedez-Benz. Inside was none other than Crystal Cullen , the all american girl , the most ''heavenly'' girl in the town of Melrose , NewHampshire since her neice Renesmee Cullen was there. Even though she is now queen of Melrose HighSchool , her neice's legacy is still all over the school. Her pictures and accomplishments hang on the walls like a parade of perfection. And every first day of school orentation meeting the ''former'' queen attends and there is a  slide show and background story about her and her life before and now. Now it was Crystal's turn to leave behind a legacy and fill her shoe's. I met  my freinds in the main quad. My freinds consist of Keke Hernandez , Halley''Broadway'' Gerkson , Allenikka  Robson , and Nateesha Barook. '' So while I was livin it up in Colorado with my neice. What were you lady's doing?'' I asked opening my locker. '' Well I was getting to know James VanHoosen from 2nd period Spanish.'' bragged Allenikka. '' I was at soccer camp. It was fun but lots'a hard work.'' Keke said proudly. '' I was in NewYork. My cousin Reesha is on broadway and she gave me some tips.'' Halley smiled. The wide door of the main entrance  swung open blowing our hair back and in walked a boy he looked a little mysterious , and very hansem but when he removed his sunglasses his eyes were were sapphire blue and they danced when he looked at me. '' Oh. Crystal i think the mystery guy likes you.'' teased Nateesha. '' No he doesnt. I mean how could he. He just got one look at me.'' i said letting my eyes fall on my baby pink nails. My favorite color was baby pink. All my outfits are baby pink.  I thought about the mystery guy all day. I walked and sat at my usual lab table and the mystery guy was there. He looked at me and he smiled while his blue eyes danced (again). I smiled back. I didnt talk to him throughout the whole class. I walked to my locker and he accompanied me. I closed my locker door and he was perched up against his next to mine. '' Hey man , come on what are you staring at?'' i demanded following him outside the school building. He and I stopped at the sametime. He turned to me. '' Im Zander Hartllen. I just moved here. I was wondering if you would be ever so kind and show me around?'' he asked smiling. '' Okay. I dont mind. But well do wanna a ride home with me , I gotta tell my parents were im going to be and who im with.'' i said hopping into my car. '' By the way how'd you get to school in the first place?'' '' My sister dropped me.'' he said putting his shades on. I pulled up to my house and he followed me inside. '' Hey everybody! Im back! Im home!'' i called walking into the kitchen trailing Zander behind me. '' Hi everybody. Look I made a new freind , today.'' I turned to Zander. He didnt look nervous , or jumpy just calm. He walked over to my father and held out his hand. '' Hello , Sir , or do you prefer Dr.Cullen. Im Zander Hartllen im a freind of Crystal's. I just moved here from NewZealand. My father is Dr.Hartllen the new doctor. My mother works at the bank she's like the VP. Not to  brag and if I am i apologize I dont want to disrespect you and your family in your own home.'' he smiled. I felt weak at the knees. He was so perfect it was unreal. He strode over to my big brother's. '' You must be Edward , Emmett , and Jasper.'' he said in correct order. He removed his shade's and smiled at them. They all looked at Edward. He had his winning , charmed up , smile plastered on Zander's face. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I answered it. '' Hi were the Hartllen's. We're here for our brother Zander.'' I led them into the kitchen. '' Zander. Come on. We have to go now. Mother is waiting.'' '' Im sorry for my sister Rosalinde's intrusion.'' he apologized. '' May I introduce my brother's and sister's Rosalinde , Alissa , James , Evan , and Evan's girlfreind Bethany Simmion's.'' He hugged me goodbye and they left. '' Umm. I dont think umm Im just gonna go to my room.'' I said running out of the kitchen. When I returned about 2 hours later. I was shocked to see my neices Renesmee , Michelle,Sandy,Kiria, and Evelyn sitting in the livingroom. Renesmee got up and in a blink she was towering over me .... smiling? '' Crystal , Crystal Crystal you thought we wouldnt findout about Zander but we did Carlisle called us. He likes him but the question is do you?'' she asked still smiling. '' I-I d..dont know.'' i stuttered. ''Good. Because everybody ... the whole family is coming here to meet him and well prepare him , tomorrow.'' she whispered in my ear. I just sighed and went upstairs. My phone rang. It was him. ''Hi.'' i whispered. ''Hello.'' he said clearly into the phone. I hesitated on telling him about tomorrow. ''Zander listen , you have to come to my house tomorrow ... to ummm ... meet my family.'' i said so fast i tripped on my own words. '' Crystal. Calm down of course i'll meet your ... wait WHOLE family ... are they expecting me to pop the question or something ?'' he asked becoming nervous. '' Okay now you calm down. Its gonna be fun. Theyre all harmless. Well maybe my brother's might be watching you but theyre just nuts. Very over protective.'' i sighed. '' Thats good to know. I'll keep my guard up. No pressure.'' he said nervously. ''Well dont be pressured. Its just my whole family. But dont be frightened if they stare at you its just their way of getting to know you.'' I reassured him. '' I got it. I guess I could let you ride home with me to your house , afterschool or could you run and ask permission if I can drive you to and from school?'' he asked. I ran into my father's study and he was looking at some papers... '' Is it okay if Zander picks me up and drops me off to and from school and anywhere else?'' i asked hoping for a miracle. '' Yes. That's fine.'' he said in a rush. '' Thanks.Dad.'' i said skipping out of his study. I forgot Zander was on the line. ''Za-Zander. He said yes.'' i smiled. ''Cool. I'll pick you up at 7:45. Bye.'' his voice cracked a little. I rolled over and landed on my back.'' Eeeeep!'' i shreiked. I turned off my lamp and went to bed for the night.

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Comment by Katie Williams on April 29, 2011 at 7:28pm
this is gr8
Comment by Lillian S. Cullen on February 12, 2011 at 11:27pm
Comment by Sebastian<3Luver<3 (Crystal) on February 12, 2011 at 11:01pm

I love it! I also like the way you used pink wording. (It's my fave color. ^_^)

Keep it going!

Comment by Lillian S. Cullen on February 12, 2011 at 10:20pm
Thanks alot.
Comment by AnaIsabel on February 12, 2011 at 8:44pm
thats really good! keep me updated!

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