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I woke up early and I got dressed . I got a text message from Zander. It read : Crystal so sorry to say this but today my family is moving and well I wont be seeing you again.-ZaNdEr HaRtLlen . ''Why would he do this ?'' I asked myself. I was very bummed-out. I put on happy face for my family but they all knew something was wrong. None of them bothered to ask . I went to school and I lasted through 3 morning classes until lunch I went to the office and asked the secratary Ms. Yates what happened to the Hartllens. '' Crystal the Hartllens went back to New Zealand. Now thats all I can tell you. Goodbye Ms. Cullen.'' she said shoving me out the door.


I broke down crying after I sent that message to Crystal , I did that knowing I would be losing my one true love. Crystal may not remeber who I am , who she is , how  much we ment to eachother back then but ... if I can jog her memory somehow we can turnback time and be happy once again . I reached under my bed and pulled out  my old trunk. The only people who knew who I really was ... is my ''family'' the Hartllens. They didnt really adopt me . I placed myself in there family as '' there youngest son  , the baby , the silent , mysterious , nonsupicous one''. In truth I was Prince Alexander   Romanavia the second of Coastas Maruno  , Spain . And Crystal was in truth Princess Anastasia Gerallini of Rycroft , Russia a large city in Ingmand. She was only ....

                     Ana's Diary in Story Mode :


Narrator: We will now take a trip to Crystal and Zander's time period the '' Reinassance'' . Crystal once was Anastasia Gerallini a happy 15 year old girl ... though she was a princess ... she was also single at the time . She had turned away 5 suitors in only 3 weeks. She had to be atleast married by the time she was 19 years of age . But each time a suitor came  her father King Victor Gerallini picked she would send them away. She confided in her bestfreind Abigail '' Abbi '' ( Halley) , she was princess of Walton , Germany. Since they were so far from eachother they communicated through letters.

Setting :( Anastasia POV-) Reinassance , 17th century , 1250 Higher Middle Ages ...  the throne room in Fredric Palace the '' Calling of Anastasia''  . Princess Anastasia is on her throne next to her parents King Victor & Queen Sarah of Rycroft , Russia .  The royal announcer Franklin says '' Incoming his royal highness Prince Alexander of Coastas Maruno , Spain!'' he belted. He stepped aside and behind him was the most beautiful thing the world ... Alexander. '' Your highness King Victor . I have come wishing to call upon your daughter the fair and lovely Anastasia.'' he said my name with an out of breath whisper. My father looked at me and said '' Ana do accept?''. I looked at Alexander and nodded. He smiled at me and bowed. '' Thankyou.'' he said. '' Since she has accepted you shall stay here until her 16th birthday ball in 2 weeks. That will give you both  time to get to know the other.'' said my father. '' Ana , why dont you give Alexander a tour of the Palace . Im sure he would love that.'' uttered my mother from her uncompromised position. '' Yes , mother.'' I said. I slid off my throne. I gathered my skirts and I slowly sashed my way across the room.       



                   Findout what happens in the next installment of The Angel Next Door !

After reading this .... ask yourself these 4 questions : (post answer's in comment section)

1. Could I be Crystal / Anastasia ?


2. Will I read the rest of the  series if it has a  happy ending or a fatal twist ?


3. Could you be friends  with , marry , date , or love the Alexander / Zander character ?


4. Would you love to live in the Reinassance time period as Crystal/Anastasia and have a fairytale  movie life with Zander/Alexander ?


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