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TheAngelNextDoor:3. Goodbye Memories (continued)


 She walked up to me , and I bowed and she courtseyed. I couldnt move from where I was standing though I noticed she looked beautiful in her gown. It was satin gold , with little diamonds  on the skirt and the bodice hugged her torso , it was like the dress was made to fit her perfectly. Her shoes were gold also , they had little diamonds on them too. She smiled at me . I smiled back. Her deep ocean blue eyes fell. I could tell she was charmed by my suttle advances. '' Are you ready for the tour ?'' she asked. '' I beleive I am.'' I told her. '' Mistress , shall I accompany you and his highness ?'' asked her nursemaid Iris. '' No. Iris that wont be neccessary , I shall find you if I need you. Infact you get the rest of the day off.'' she told her . Iris bowed and left the room. Anastasia looked expectantly at me.  We walked into the hallway. '' Alexander , would you mind if we started the tour in gardens?'' she asked. '' No , whatever you want is fine with me ?'' I told her. I followed her outside and into the garden . She stopped , turned , and looked at me. '' Why are you here?'' she asked. '' Well for you , of course . I came to make you my fiancee soon , then hopefully with careful planning my wife.'' I said looking at the ground. Narrator: Lets head back to the present and see how Crystal is coping knowing that Zander is gone.

Crystal POV-

After I was shoved from the office , I headed back to cafeteria , and I pulled out my journal . I opened it up and I began to write .... Dear , Zander if you would ever get this and read it I would want you to know that even though we were barely friends , you were really nice and I hope we meet again someday. I really would like that , I bet you would too. I closed my journal. I looked around the cafeteria and I saw Broadway and Keke talking and huddled up with Jason Bates , Lance Anderson , and Molly Fettler. I walked over to them. '' Hi everybody what are you all hush hush about? You can  tell me I can keep a secret.'' I said a little hesitant. '' Crystal ummm Molly , Jason , Lance want to join the clique aaaand well as co-clique president I said they could join. Is that okay with you?'' asked Keke. '' It's fine. Broadway run the rules by them. I'll let you all know the meeting times. I-I have to go now.'' I said. I turned and I bolted to the exit. I passed the office and he was in there. He looked at me and smiled. I waved and walked away. I was midway down the hall when I heard him coming after me. I turned around and he was standing there hands on knees panting. I waited for him to catch his breath. '' Crystal. I know you were really upset , about my text but my Dad says we have to leave. I wish we could stay , but well maybe we'll see eachother again someday. I hope you can forgive me , please.'' he said clasping his hands together. '' I forgive you . I hope we do meet again someday.'' I said. Suddenly his arms were around me and I hugged him back. We let go of each and he walked away. I didnt know at that time how long it would be before I would see him again. I got to my Drama class 5 minutes before it was about to start. I felt something in my backpocket , it was a peice of paper . I opened it and it was a note : Crystal when you least expect it i'll return to you. I smiled ,  refolded it and stuck it in my backpack. My drama teacher Ms.Lightner walked in the classroom , slammed the door shut stalked to her desk. Her eyes bored into the faces of the class. '' Class , today we will be discussing poetry. I want everyone to write a poem about anything , feelings , life , or anything you can think of. You have and hour and a half.'' she said. I watched her open her laptop. I pulled my notebook from my backpack and I began to write. I wrote :

                              The 5 Reasons Why I Miss You :

                   The 5 reasons are One I miss your smile and the way you made me wanna smile . Two I miss how I felt when I was with you. Three I miss your eyes and the way they danced when you looked at me. Four I miss your sudden embraces . Five I miss you most of all .  I felt like I was about to cry. I sucked it up , walked to Ms.Lightner's desk and set the paper down. I walked back to my desk and just sat there wondering what he was doing rightnow.

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