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What is wrong with this day?
Everyones ditched me and i'm completely alone yet i'm absolutely miserable!
It's like ten past three in the afternoon and all i've done is sit around like doem lazy couch potato!
I don't like couches or potatoes! (ok so i'm lying but i don't like the combo)
When i'm alone i always end up spending money on the internet and there's no one to stop me!!!
Don't you think All american rejects are cool?
I dunno i just like there new album it's awsome.
I liked there old one but this ones a bit better.
Hmm dirty little secret :)
I've got nothing interesting to say cuase i can't think as well when i'm listening to music :(
It's like most of my thoughts are filtered through my ear into thin air and then half of them are actually processed and the other small percentage is used in the moment.
That's how my brain functions lol
anyway i'll write soon.

Twilight rocks!!!

Chloe :P

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