The Twilight Saga

Tiffany Hampson-A New Beginning [Introduction]



I suddenly stopped.

-Them? But...-What kind of wild animals doing such a bad thing?! But as I mulled it over, I knew the anwser for it.The vampires. They're killing normally people.Because  of themselves, for living.I couldn't agree with it, but I knew that this i the right way for them.I turned back in horror.

-But this is...a heartless thing! That woman maybe-I pointed to the middle of the line. An old woman was there with grey hair.-she could be my grandmother! How could I kill her?!And that little boy!-I saw a 5 years old boy who was holding a huge lollipop in his gluey fingers. With his other arm he was holding his mother's hand. He looked around with pain in his eyes. I thought he knew what was going on.

-But Darling!- Caious tried to calm me down with his absolutely beautiful voice-Mull it over! This is for our living! And nearly for yours too. Do you want to die? Do you want it?- he looked at me with importance in his eyes.I shaked my head with a heavy heart and whispered "No". They won. It was over.

-That's it!-Caious nodded his head happily. Everybody looked back to the normally people.Tears got in my eyes when I notioned that I will have to kill them too. But I had no chance at that time. I looked to Heidi. How common she is doing her job!

-Come over here!-she said to the waiting people with a huge smile. They got in the big room and looked around in suprise.

-Get further.-Dimitri whispered to me, and I drew back to the wall. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to saw that horrible thing.

And than, the first screams filled the room...

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