The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Ten

*Carol's P.O.V*

The next morning, I got up an got ready for school. I was wearing a blue shirt with black print that said 'Just my type.' I was wearing a pair of L.E.I pants. (This is something new if you don't like it please let me know an I will no longer do it.) I grabbed my lime green hoodie then grabbed my backpack and walked out to the kitchen. After breakfast I walked outside to my truck and saw he was already standing in front of it.

Me: “Good morning.” I smiled.

Jacob: “Hey Dove (Nickname). How are you this morning?”

Me: “Pretty good, How about yourself? How was practice last night?”

We hopped in my truck ans started driving to school.

Jacob: “Pretty intense. I am doing much better then I was last night, I missed having you there.”

Me: “Haha, so I can't hang out after school today I have some things to take care of.”

Jacob: “Are you doing okay? What might you be doing? Are you going to need any help?”

Me: “ Hahaha...Yes I am wonderful. Nothing really just doing some stuff. Nope I think I will be okay.”

We arrived at school, grabbed our bags and headed inside.

Jacob: “Well just don't hurt yourself please.”

Me: “Hahaha okay, well I have to go talk to cody he says there's a game Monday night, so I am seeing if he is going to want to practice before.”

Jacob: “K well I will see at first period. Bye dove.”

Me: “Bye Jacob.”

I walked down towards cody's locker, I saw that Logan was just leaving.

Me: “Hey cody, are you going to want to practice before the game on Monday?”

Cody: “Yeah except the school isn't us going to let us practice here since it will be the weekend so we are going to practice at my house, k?”

Me: “Sure, is the whole team going to be there?”

Cody: “Hahaha of course. You should come around two thirty.”

Me: “K I'll be there. Bye Cody and Logan.”

I walked back to my locker to put my phone, Ipod and sweatshirt in there. After I did that the bell rang and I went to first period.


At the lunch, I saw that some of the Cullen's where here, jake told me that there have been staying here just in case. After lunch jacob walked with me to class, I liked having the same classes with jacob. We where doing really good in school cause we where always doing homework together. We have also been going to the party's and having fun. Jacob seems to like everyone on the team, we are own clan of friends. Paul, Jared, Seth, Leah and Quill will be coming to school next year. We all are going to be in the same grade except seth, he is going to be a sophomore. Since I am going to be fifteen in April, I will be Sixteen when I finish school with everyone. Then I start pre-collage, and nursing school.


After school, jacob and I grabbed a quick shake and burger at Madam's Hut, we talked about the horrible Science class we had, we are starting on Biology ugh, gross. After that we drove home still talking about how gross this is going to be.

Jacob: “Okay well I better go so you can go and do what you have to do.”

Me: “Thank you. I love you.” I grinned.

Jacob: “I love you, bye Dove.” He smiled.

He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then headed over to his house. I hopped in truck and backed it into the garage. I grabbed the paint from the bed of it. I drove it out again, then walked into the garage. I fixed up lace to paint, I taped of the parts the where going to be a different color. Then I started to work, I don't know how long I was in there, probably a long time. I worked till it was finished at least the basic color. I turned on the fans then walked inside, I looked at the clock on the stove, it read 2:09 AM. I went to my room got a quick shower, then texted jacob.


(Text Convo)

Me: “Hey, did you have practice tonight?”

Jacob: “Hey, yeah it went okay though, Alice says they are getting closer though.”

Me: “That's just great.”

Jacob: “Yeah, you scared?”

Me: “Every night.”

Jacob: “Do you want me to come over and stay with you?”

Me: “There's snow on the trampoline.”

Jacob: “We could lay in your bed. ;)”

Me: “Okay. ;)”

Jacob: “Seriously?”

Me: “Unless you don't want to :(“

Jacob: “Come to the front door.”


(End of Text Convo.)

I got up and walked to the front door an opened it. There he was standing there. We smiled at each other, I took one of his hands and lead him into my bed, I climbed into my bed and he climbed over me. He pulled me close to him, I snuggled closer to him. After a minute we folded the blankets down at the bottom of the bed. I turned over so I was facing him, he wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned his head down just enough to where the tip of his nose was touching mine.

Jacob: (Whispering) “I love you Carol.”

I was a little to asleep to tell him to but I intertwined my fingers with his. The night went well. I think we both got a lot of sleep then we both have in a long time. I woke up to the smell of something really good, jacob was still sleeping and I just let him he needed it. I walked into the kitchen and saw tucker cooking.

Me: “Good morning.”

Tucker: “Hey I made breakfast, I already had some I made extra for jacob too. I have to go into work early though k?”

Me: “Sure, thanks. Tucker is something wrong?”

He finished up cooking then looked right at me.





                                                                                    Enjoy, thank you everyone who reads this it means a lot. :-)


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Comment by Katie Williams on May 30, 2011 at 12:34pm
this is gr8

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