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Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Fourteen




When I woke up I was in a sleeping bag. I was in a tent but I could still feel the cold ground underneath me. I thought it was suppose it be cold up in the mountains that's when I felt his arms around me. I guess I grew so familiar with them that they didn't seem off to me. I quickly squirmed them off of me. I turned over and there was his face starring back at me.

“Why are you here?”
He didn't say anything.
I violently got out of the sleeping bag and tent. When I first stepped outside the tent the weather seemed smooth. But then the wind hit me like two-by-four, my breathe was grasped right from underneath me. I couldn't breathe I was gasping for air every second I could. Then warmth wrapped around me, he was protecting me. He drew me back inside the tent. He placed me on his lap and held me there until I was warm enough to move out of his embrace which I could see hurt him.

“Carol can I explain about what happened?”
“You want to explain..OKAY!! Explain to me about how I felt when you left me stunned, sadden and even mad at MYSELF!! You want to explain to me how you sent sam to come and see if I was alright...”
I was interrupted by his soft moist lips catching mine in mid sentence. He gentility laid me back onto the sleeping bags. My mind was a spinning in my head. My hands controlled themselves and moved around his neck pushing him as close as I could get him to me.

Then finally my head wrapped around what was happening. I shoved him off me as hard as I could which wasn't hard enough but it got the message through.

“NO! You can not go and do that to me. EXPLAIN to me why you left me.”
“Carol you'll never know how sorry I am that I did that to. Believe me I wanted to, I really did. But I couldn't, I couldn't do that to you. No its not because your not beautiful cause you are, beyond that. But I'm sixteen and your just fourteen. Your not ready for that I know you don't want to hear that but its true. I love you carol and one day when we know we are both ready for that step in a relationship we will take it. Do really just want one of those relationships that's just a physical connection?”

“Jacob Black. I am sorry to I should know that we shouldn't have been doing that. Your right I don't want one of those relationships. What we have right now is just perfect for us. How did I get so lucky?” I grinned.

“Your not the only one that got lucky.”
He leaned forward and kissed my nose.

“So what is gonna happen?”
“Well like I said before you are going to stay up here with seth. While I go down there and help out. Then once the battle is over I will come back up here get you then we will go on living our life's.”
“Okay. Promise you come and get me?”
“I promise.”

We just laid there talking. We talked about the fight, the future, what movies we what to go see. I told Jacob that my brother was coming down, maybe even all my brothers. He was worried a bit cause once my parents got back I was going to introduce him to them. We just talked randomly till we saw the sun come up and seth pawed the tent door.

“Looks like its morning.”
“Yep...I brought you a pair of warm clothes that you could use while I was away, they smell like me.”
“Thank you.”

I would of asked why he didn't give me them last night but I knew why. He wanted to protect me and cuddle me just in case it was his last night. It brought pain to my chest just thinking about it.

Jacob must have saw my sadden face cause he golfed me up in his arms. He hugged me till seth told him it was time to go. One of the things we talked about was that we didn't want to treat our goodbye like it was going out last one.

I kissed him with all my love.

“Now go kick some butt.” I said with tears streaming down my face.

And just like that he morphed. He bent his head down and touched his nose with mine.

Then he was gone...



                                                                                                                                Hope you liked it!


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Comment by Katie Williams on July 1, 2011 at 9:35am

OMG this is gr8 can u continue it plz


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