The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Thirteen






By those two words I knew what was happening.

“Coach you gotta put jaxon in my place I have to go. Something is going on and my family needs me.”
“Sure, hope everything is okay.”
“Thank you.”
I grabbed my bag, ran into the girls locker room. I was changed in five minutes. Jake met me outside the school, we got in my car and I started driving to Jacob's house.

“What is goin happen?” I asked nervous then I have ever been in my life.
“You are going to stay on a mountain with Seth. They aren't here yet but tomorrow they will be here and I will have to go.”
“You will not Jacob, I won't be able to handle, if..just.”
Jacob interrupted me, he intertwined his fingers with mine.
“Hey hey don't think like that I will be fine you'll see.”
“DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO THINK OR FEEL.” I skidded to the side of the road and irrupted into tears.
Jacob made the stirring wheel move up then he lifted me out of my seat an placed me into his lap. He cradled me and slowly made me relax.
“I want you.” I whispered.
“You have me Carol, I promise I won't go anywhere.” He eased me.
“No Jacob I want you. I want to be with you.”
“Carol no we can't. You are to young for that level in a relationship.”
“I AM NOT please be with me.”
His hands slid around my neck, pulling me towards him like gravity. The air quickly became steamy and moist. My breathing was rapid like my heart. His lips smoothly wrapped around mine. I didn't know what to do next, I couldn't think properly. My hands slid down his chest when they reached his waist band of his pants I froze. I knew he felt it cause he stopped kissing me.

“Carol when I ask you this question please don't be embarrassed or anything k?”
“Have you ever had sex before? Any kind of it?”
“I want you as my first.”
“Please Jacob.” I whispered.
My fingers slid around the button of his jeans and unfastened them. Then they pulled his zipper down revealing the brim of his blue checkered boxers. My hands slid up his chest bringing his shirt with him, this time I could feel him freeze. I immediately stopped worrying that I had done something wrong.

“Did I do something wrong?”

Jacob roughly through me into the back seat, jumped out of the car and morphed right there. I felt my throat close up I didn't want to be scared of him but I was and it was sad. He ran off into the woods, I tried seeking into the woods looking for him but I lost sight of him. I genitally climbed back into the front seat. I felt sick with myself. I buckled up and started up the car. I didn't start driving I just sat there deep in thought thinking back what I had done wrong. There was a loud tap on my window the startled me. I looked to who it was. Sam. I rolled down my window and looked up at him.

“Is everything okay?”
“Carol are you okay?”
“Just leave me alone.”
“I can't do that.”
“And why not?”
“Because jacob showed me some of what just happened. He is very worried about you.”
“I always try and be careful with him and I thought I was. I am just so mad at myself and hurt.”
“We still need get you up to the mountain. Would you let me drive?”
I softly climbed into the passenger seat and just laid in it. Sam climbed into my car, adjusted the seat and the steering wheel. Then he started driving. I wanted to go to my dark place, I felt like right now my dark place was a comfort and that's what I needed was comfort. But I kept myself from going there cause truthfully I knew after this was all done I would have my brothers back home. I would have two wonderful little sisters. My parents would be able to help me get through this, I knew I would I would have to. All of a sudden, I felt this soft hand touching my shoulder. When I looked to see who it was, I was shocked. Usually sam didn't get emotionally but the look on his face was concern.

“Carol, it will be okay. You didn't do anything wrong...Jacob was protecting you from himself and for us guys that is sometimes the hardest thing we could do. I don't know exactly what you two we're doing, but whatever it might have been you might want to talk with jacob after this whole thing is over. I also understand how you might not want jacob down there with us but we need him, I make vow to you right know that I will return jacob back to you without any broken bones.”

“Thanks sam but right now I think I just want to get up that mountain and sleep this all off.”

“That is understandably, just know you'd done nothing wrong. Carol you've become very close to the pack, they think of you like a little sister and they love you like one. Myself I feel more protective like I'm your dad and your just a little girl, Emily thinks of you like a daughter. We the pack and I will always be there for you when someone else can't, so don't feel alone.”

And just like that the urge to go to my dark place was gone. I didn't feel alone anymore and to learn how the pack felt about me was special but it was even more special to learn how Sam felt about me.

Somewhere in the middle of thinking about all this I fell asleep in the car. I felt warmth wrap me up in its arms, it wasn't Jacob’s but it was someone from the pack. I could tell by the way he smelt, they just had that wolf, nature smell. As I felt us go higher on the mountain it grew colder....


                                                                                                                                      Hope you enjoyed it!


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Comment by Katie Williams on June 28, 2011 at 11:49am
ok ill be looking out for it i think its really gr8 :D
Comment by Caitlyn Ann Roe on June 26, 2011 at 4:47pm
YES!!! Of course I wouldn't leave you guys hanging. Give me sometime to get another part out. :-)
Comment by Katie Williams on June 26, 2011 at 7:16am
this is gr8 r u gonna continue it :D

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