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"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Fifteen








As I walked down the mountain I thought about how this was going to happen. I hoped carol would be okay while I was gone, seth is good at confronting people. I made it my soul project not to get to hurt, but I still have to protect my family.

In an instant I was racing down to the fighting ground because of a howl telling me they were here and battle has begun.

When I got there, there was already 'newborns' dead. It appeared there had been a lot more newborns then we estimated.

I couldn't see the Cullen’s but I could be smell them. I rushed in and swept up a newborn that was about to pounce on Quil.

Quil was taking two down at the same time. Once he got them down he start mauling on ones head and with his hind legs he started clawing the other one.

I looked up in time to see Carlsile take down one of the big vampires, I think Emmett said his name was Demetri. I got back to battling.

I saw another head vampire, I saw a point where I could come up and take her out easily.

I walked around a huge rock took a few steps back then ran and scored over the rock, swiping her head with my paw as I soared by. It was an awesome move.
I herd someone yell her name “Jane.” But I didn't pay any attention to it I got back to taking a newborn out.

With the Cullen's here the newborns went down pretty quickly. There where maybe five left nope four now gotta admit it the blonde blood sucker has a good aim.

It was a shock to see Bells come up on a newborn and shred they're body from the inside out. I even thought that was a bit much.
Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Esme and Carlsile started burning all the body's. That's when I herd him. Quil.


After he left I couldn't stop pacing. I had changed into those warm close Jacob had told me about.

Which was my big white furry winter coat, Dark blue skinny jeans, a white thermal long sleeve shirt and my white DC winter boots. He also pack me a pair of small baby blue gloves.

He knew me so well, he paid attention to me looked within me.

I was still pacing back an forth.

Seth howled which told me Jacob was there and the battle had begun.

“Is everyone ok?” I spoke frantic.
He nodded.

“Whats going on? Are there a lot of newborns?”
He nodded.

I started pacing again. Just thinking about what could happen made me sick and scared. A cold wet nose nudged me, I turned around. Seth was a little shorter then jake but not much. He paced backed to where he was laying and plopped back into the potion he was in. I walked over to him and bent down to his eye level.

“What do you want?”
He opened his leg up. Oh he wanted to cuddle me, I thought this was very sweet.

I walked into the tent grabbed the sleeping bag then walked back over to him. I open the sleeping bag and laid it on the leg I would use I as a pillow. I then climbed into it and zipped it up from the inside. He laid his paw so softly on me it felt like I was an egg and he was doing his best not to crack it.


I was back in human form, I rushed over to Paul, he was back in human form. He was bloody and already bruising, it looked like his ribs where broken just like man where last time we had a big battle.

Carlsile: “Get him back to his house I will be there in a minute. Jacob I need to talk to you privately.”
Jacob: “Can it wait I want to go get Carol.”
Carlsile: “Its about her.”

We walked over to somewhere more private.

“I think Carol is in grave danger.”

In some little ways I was still working with myself, just the little stuff. I was in the middle of working on my patience when I tapped kinda hard. I awoke to see Seth's face in a worry mode. I skidded out of the sleeping bag as fast as it would let me.

“Whats wrong? Is jacob hurt?”
He nodded then shook his head.
“Jacob's not hurt.”
He nodded.
“Is someone hurt?”
He nodded.”
“Who Jared, Quil, Paul, Embry, Collin, Brady, Leah, a vampire?”
He shook his head twice then nodded once, which meant it was Paul.
He nodded.
“Are they taking him back to his house?”
He nodded.

Then all of a sudden a huge paw shoved me into a circle of trees, after the shock wore off I climbed out of the trees and back into the clearing.

I saw seth and the white guy circling around. Then out of now where the guy attacked seth, seth didn't even have a chance.

I ran over and tried to rip him off but he wouldn't budge.


Seth growled at me which I took get out of here.

I knew I would have to do something I hadn't down in two years.

I came flying at him with a round house kick which knocked him off of seth but I didn't stop there.

I did a back spin roundhouse kick which he caught in his hand, I jumped up and did a scissor kick which hit him smack dab in the jaw. He cracked his neck then grabbed my neck and hung me in the air.

I did a roundhouse kick to his arm pit which made him drop me. I fell to the ground gaping for air. I herd him get up and start walking to me. Right when he was in the prefect spot I got on my hands stretched out my leg and spun making him fall to the ground. But one second I was looking at the ground then seeing nothing but darkness.

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Comment by Caitlyn Ann Roe on July 11, 2011 at 3:03pm
Thank you O I will believe me there is a lot more to come ;)
Comment by Caitlyn Ann Roe on July 11, 2011 at 3:02pm
Thank you I had someone make it for me...Hahaha. It is very EPIC!! :)
Comment by Katie Williams on July 8, 2011 at 6:52pm

wow this is gr8 and i love the pics keep me updated plz :D

Comment by Jordan Clement on July 7, 2011 at 4:52pm

Hey how did you make that first picture? its epic!

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