The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Eleven

He finished up cooking then looked right at me.


Tucker: “Carol I am your big brother, when everyone left I promised I would look after you. We have a very open brother/sister relationship and I hope you would come and talk to me about anything. Carol did you and jacob you know?”

Me: “Tucker we do and I would. You also know that jacob and I have not been dating that long, you also know that I want to wait. So no we did not do want you think we did.”

Tucker: “Okay thank goodness, okay I can now go to work. Bye sis love ya.”

Me: “Hahaha love you too tucker.”

We hugged then he left to go to work. I walked back into my room and genitally woke up jacob.

Me: “Babe, breakfast is ready.”

Jacob: “Hmmm what is it?”

Me: “Eggs and Sausage.”

Jacob: “M'kay wait who cooked it?”

Me: “My brother.”

We walked into the kitchen and sat down to eat. After breakfast we did our homework which was fun. Jacob left after lunch, I got ready to go to Cody's house for practice. Around two thirty I left to go and practice at cody's. Once I got there I noticed that the whole team was there.

Cody: “Hey you made it.”

Logan: “Yeah we figured your boyfriend was coming.”

Me: “Haha very funny, I am surprised the your little girlfriends aren't here.”

Logan: “We told them to lay off, they know we are top dogs.”

Jaxon: “Oh please the ones that did that to them broke up with them and the other ones didn't say it all because they're girlfriends went and got stuff done.”

Me: “I see hahahaha. Okay lets go practice.”


We ran drills. Did jumping jacks. Then played ball. My game was little down because I was thinking if Jacob was okay. Once practice was over I started texting jacob.

Me: “Okay guys I got to get going. See you Monday.

Cody: “Bye carol drive safe.”

Logan: “Hey carol wait up.”

I continued to walk to my truck. When I was pushed against cody's garage, it was Logan. He held his hand against my mouth.

Logan: “Don't make a sound. Got it.”

I just nodded.

Logan: “I've decided that, that jacob guy doesn't deserve you. Be with me. Let Ashley have him. Now I am going to remove my hand don't make a sound.”

He removed his hand and that's when I acted, I punched but I didn't put enough force in to it. I called for help, he cursed. He was very angry now, he slapped me making my lip bleed. By that time Cody, Jaxon and Garrett saw us.

Cody: “Logan what did you do?”

Logan: “She decked me so I hit her back.”

Me: “I only decked you because you attacked me. He wanted em to brake up with jake and go out with him.”

Logan: “I didn't say go out. I was thinking of something much different.”

Jaxon punched Logan right in the nose, Logan fell to the ground cursing.

Cody: “Okay that's enough, Logan your off the team till you can control your anger and be a big boy. Jaxon good hit. Garrett why don't you take jaxon home and I will get carol home. Logan um go sit out by the curb I am sure the garbage man will come and pick you up.”

I hugged jaxon and thanked him. I got in my truck, and started heading to home, Cody was right behind me in his car. My lip was still bleeding and I could feel the left side of my face starting to bruise. Once I reached home, I got out of the car so did cody. I gave him a good long hug and whispered a thank you to him. I walked to my front door and waved good bye to him as he drove away. I walked into my house, I wanted to was up before jacob came over, I was almost done the hall when the door bell rang. I prepared myself for what was going to happen. I walked back over to the door and opened it. He was smiling but when he looked down at me the most precious smile went away and a frown took its place.

Jacob: “What happened to you?”

Me: “Logan attacked me. I punched me then he did this to me. I will tell you everything later I want to go and wash up.”

Jacob: “I am staying here with you. I don't think I would be able to control the anger that's boiling in me.”

I walked down the hall and into my room. I got some comfy clothes then walked into my bathroom and got a quick shower. When I walked out of the bathroom Jacob was sitting on my bed waiting for me.

Jacob: “Tell me everything that happened.”

Me: “After practice I started texting you, I said goodbye to everyone and started walking to my truck. Logan had hollered for me wait up but I continued walking. I was almost there when I was pushed against cody's garage, Logan had placed his hand on my mouth and told me to not make a sound. I didn't. Then he started babbling on about how I should brake up with you and be with him and leave you to be with Ashley. He then let go of my hand and I punched him and called for help, he cursed then did this to me. Cody, Jaxon and Garrett came running. They all asked me what happened so I told him then after I said that Logan wanted me to date him he said he didn't say go out he said he was thinking of something much different. Jaxon then decked him, after cody go everything under control. Logan is kicked off the team and won't be back on til he can control his anger and be a big boy.”

Jacob: “I should go an kick Logan's butt.”

Me: “But you won't cause it won't solve anything.”

Jacob: “Hmm I don't know about that but I won't cause I want to be with you right now.”

Me: “Sounds good to me.

I walked over to jacob and sat on his lap, he wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck.



                                                                                                                                                                                     Hehe hope ya enjoyed it.



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Comment by yvette lautner on June 3, 2011 at 3:41am
very cool! keep writing!
Comment by Katie Williams on May 31, 2011 at 8:46am
this is gr8

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