The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Five

*Jacob's P.O.V*


Her eyes had flames flaring in them. I have seen some scary looking eyes on vampires, but she was a mere human. Carol told me about her, she dumped her when she had the chance to become popular which really hurt carol. She was looking at carol like she was going to rip her into pieces she most centrally didn't smell like she was. Carol looked straight at her, straight dead in the eye.

Ashley: “What do you think your doing?” She sneered.

Carol: “What do you mean?”

Ashley: “Oh please you know what I mean. You know he is meant to be with me and not you. You probably told him a sad story to make him feel like he had to be with you. When actually last year you where at the top of the school. Just walk away and leave US alone.”

I didn't want to do anything just in case I morphed.

Carol didn't say anything, for a minute then BAM! Carol decked ashley. Ashley fell to the ground with a broken nose.

Carol: “If you only knew what is behind the smile. Ask your daddy if he can get you another nose job, this would be the fourth?”

Carol walked beside her and walked into homeroom.

Me: “Well looks like if you would have stayed friends maybe you wouldn't have to have a fourth? Nose job.”

I walked into homeroom and saw carol whimpering in the back where there was a sink. I slowly walked back there, I looked down and saw blood on the floor.

Me: “Carol are you okay?”

Carol: “I think I broke my hand.”

Me: “What?”

Carol let her backpack fall then kicked it towards me. I picked it up.

Carol: “I better go to the hospital please turn in all my homework for me.”

Me: “I will go and turn in all of our homework then we will go to the hospital.”

Carol: “No stay here.”

Me: “Why?”

Carol: “So you can turn in the homework, and not miss a day just because of me.”

Me: “Okay, I will see you after school.”

Carol: “K.”

I walked over to her, and genitally turned her around. I looked at her hand, I could basically see two of her knuckles her hand was bleeding pretty bad. I leaned down and kissed her cheek then started to first period. At every class I dropped off her homework, they all said it wasn't do for a few days. Through the whole day I wondered about carol and how she was doing.



*Carol's P.O.V*

My eyes closed, the sweetness, the warmth, the electricity. It was so soft and genitally. It didn't last long but it would always be there, maybe like him. After he left I walked to my truck and drove to the hospital, yeah it hurt but my bottom lip bared the pain. I walked up to the front desk and saw it as Rhonda working today.

Rhonda: “Hey honey, are you here to see your dad?”

Me: “Not exactly.” I showed her my hand.

Rhonda: “My goodness, okay well lets get you checked in then I will send your father to help you out. Now do have insurance?”

Me: “Yeah.”


I was checked in and Rhonda notified my dad. I was in room three. I thought about jacob till my dad came in.

Dad: “Honey what happened?”

Me: “I punched ashley.”

Dad: “Your best friend.”

Me: “No dad the girl that was my friend till we got to middle school. You know what if you and mom weren't arguing so much you might notice that things aren't so well at home. You and mom need to both take a vacation and talk because you are hurting all of us. Please.” I pleaded.

Dad: “First lets get you taken care of then we will call your mom to pick up tucker then we all talk. Okay?”

Me: “Sounds good.”


I had to get x-rays, then he cleaned up the wound, he took me to a lady that does casts and stuff like that. I got a small cast that just went past my wrist, it was light blue. While I got that done my mom had come with tucker.

First tucker and I talked. Then tucker talked with mom then dad. Then I talked to dad then I talked to mom.


Mom: “So you think me and your father aren't happy anymore?”

Me: “Yes, you guys argue to much, it kills us. I ain't the same person anymore.”

Mom: “We know, we just got scarred and didn't know what to do.”

Me: “I am working on it.”

Mom: “I think I know what might help you. What if you do some more physical therapy, then try out for basketball and another sport you would like to play.”

Me: “Would you and dad come to my games?”

Mom: “Yes, we will start being home more.”

Me: “Mom I think you and dad need to go on a vacation and just talk to each other.”

Mom: “Would you guys be okay alone.”

Me: “Yeah.”


When we all got home, mom made us some lunch, then we helped them pack and make arrangements. They where going England, for a month. We all watched a movie then order pizza. They're flight left early in the morning so they went to bed after dinner.



                                                                                                                                                                                       Hope you enjoyed it!


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Comment by yvette lautner on April 29, 2011 at 2:54pm
its amazing! keep going (:
Comment by Katie Williams on April 26, 2011 at 4:02pm
can u continue this plz i think its gr8

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