The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Six

*His P.O.V*


I was in her back yard waiting for her, it was around nine PM, she was about to meet the whole pack. Was I nervous? Yes. For her safety no? From them liking her yes. From one of them maybe falling for her, yes. I didn't notice she was standing right in front of me till I got my thoughts together, she was smiling.

Me: “What?”

Carol: “I like it when you think hard, you get a cute look on your face.”

Me: “Hahaha well I am glad you think that hahaha. You ready to go?”

Carol: “Yep.” She smiled.

We started walking to my back yard.

Carol: “I got some good news. My parents are goin on vacation so they can fix they're marriage, they leave tomorrow morning.”

Me: “That's good. How long are they going to be gone?”

Carol: “I don't know.”

Me: “How are you doing? About all of it.”

Carol: “Okay.”

We had reached the back yard, she must have been a little nervous herself cause she intertwined her fingers with mine. I laughed when they we're all standing in line with they're shirts off. We walked over to them. They were all quiet.

Carol: “You guys aren't like secretly talking with each other.”

Sam: “We only do that when we are in wolf form.”

Carol: “I didn't even know you could do such a thing. That's cool.”

Sam: “It can be, then when we want something to be private we have to make sure we don't think about till we're in human form.”

Carol: “I will have to remember that.”


The night didn't last long but carol and I talked with the guys for a while till they went on night watch or went to go do dishes. They all seemed to like her, as for her but she never let go of my hand. When we where walking to carol's house I smelled one of the Cullen's. I quickly wanted to get carol home where I knew she would be safe.

Carol: “Jake whats wrong?”

Me: “Why would something be wrong?”

Carol: “Cause you haven't said a word since we left.”

Me: “I just have been thinking.”

Carol: “About what?”

Me: “Nothing you need to worry about.”

Carol: “Okay.”

We where back in her back yard.

Me: “Do you want me to stay with you tonight?”

Carol: “Not tonight, maybe tomorrow.”

I gave her a hug and just held her there for minute. Maybe while her parents where away, she would find herself again at lease that's what I hope she does.

After I said goodnight to her I left to go join Leah on night shift...great....




**Carol's P.O.V*


After I showered and walked into my room. I started cracking on the homework that jake had given me earlier I saw that my mom had left a note on my desk. The note read.


Honey I have made up a schedule of when you go for physical therapy. Love you.”


I smiled at the idea, at me actually fixing my hand all the way. I finished up on my homework then went to bed. While I slept I worked with myself yeah it may sound weird but to me it was soothing and relaxing. I was dreaming I knew that but it didn't feel like it. The air was moist but sweet. I was happy again on the inside, I was looking forward to tomorrow. Everything was good again. The question was, is it going to stay like this?







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