The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Seven

*Carol's P.O.V*


I did cry when my parents got on the plane but tucker just held my hand and took me to school in his car. When we got there we gave each other a hug then went to our homerooms. I walked through the halls with people starring at me, why? Probably because Ashley had spread some kind of viscous rumor. I just held my head high and continued on to my locker. When I got there I saw Cody, Logan and Jaxon all from the basketball team.

Me: “What do you guys need?”

Jaxon: “Your name isn't on the tryout sheet, it needs to be on it or else we are going to fail.”

Me: “Hahaha obviously you guys didn't hear about what happened yesterday. I punched Ashley and broke two of my fingers and two knuckles and I dont know how good I am.”

Cody: “Pfft please I saw you play the other day and after a while it was like you where back and with a few practices you will be back in no time.”

Me: “But my hand. Plus I haven't even made the team yet, promise me you guys will be fair at try outs.”

Logan: “We will talk with the coach. We will be if you be your best even with a broken hand.”

Me: “Okay sign me up. When are the tryouts?”

Jaxon: “In two weeks.”

Me: “Hahaha you mean I had two weeks to sign up?”

Cody: “We wanted to make sure you had a spot on the list.”

Me: “Haha okay, I got to go I will see later.”

Cody: “Bye carol.”

After they left I put my phone, Ipod, sweatshirt in my locker then went to my first period cause I didn't really have time for homeroom.

School was going okay, I had to fix my classes though cause the school system made some kind of mistake. Now in the morning I go to Algebra ll, History and Geography, Science then lunch after lunch I go to English, Financial Aid, Family Assistance. I finally had my schedule set like Jacob's. It was lunch and I had just finished getting my lunch when I saw jacob for the first time today. I didn't want yell at him in front of everyone so I just walked to an empty table and started eating and reading my book Firestorm by Iris Johansen.

Jacob: “I have been looking for you all day” He laughed.

Me: “Same here. Did you come to my house?”

Jacob: “Actually I figured you would have gone with your parents to the airport so I didn't stop by sorry.”

Me: “Hahaha its okay I wasn't there I was with my parents.”

Jacob: “So do want to hang out after school?”

Me: “Sure see if the guys want to come over to.”

Jacob: “Actually they have to deal with a little something....”

Me: “OMG is that Jasper and Edward?”

Jacob: “Uh yeah I will talk to you about it after school k?”

Me: “Okay.”

Jacob got up then bent down to my ear.

Jacob: “By the way I love the new you.” He grinned.

As he walked off I sat there stunned Jake just told me he loved me.

I was almost done with lunch when a girl with spiky hair and a very pretty dress sat by me.

???: “Hey I am Alice, Jasper told me all about you.” She smiled.

Me: “Oh um not to ….”

Alice: “I know you don't me but I we are going to be great friends. Would you join my sister, brother and jasper for dinner?”

Me: “Oh I have plans but how about tomorrow we have lunch?”

Alice: “Sounds good, well have a great day.”

Me: “Wait isn't jasper your brother?”

Alice: “Hahaha no he is my finance.”

Me: “Okay well I'm happy for you and jasper. Have a great day to.”

Alice: “K bye.”

Alice got up and walked away. I got up and threw away my trash. I walked down the crowed halls to my locker, I got to it and threw my book in there, then started to my next class.


After school tucker took me home then helped me get ready for Jacob to come over. When we where done he left to go work a late shift. When Jacob got there we didn't stop talking, laughing and eating till we ran out of movies.

Jake: “What do you want to do now?”

Me: “Hmmm want to go lay on the trampoline.”

Jake :”Sure.”

We got up off the coach, walked out to the back yard and hopped on the trampoline.

Jake: “So there is more to our secret but it also goes into other peoples life so I can only tell a little.”

Me: “Okay, I have to talk to you about some stuff to.”


We sat out there talking till the stars where shinning in the moon light. Jake told me that there are creatures called vampires and that they have treaty back in a town called Forks. He told me that's where he met Bella, he told me more about her and them I became a little sad thinking that she could come here and take him away from, till he told me that she married Edward and has a little girl, he also told me about that. I told him more about myself and what I was battling with myself inside. We had a long but relaxing, sweet and caring conversation.

Jake: “Do want me to stay with you tonight?”

Me: “Only if you help me with my homework?”

Jake: “Where's your backpack?”


Summer was starting to drift away and so was the warm weather so I had brought out some blankets for us. We worked on our homework till it was done.

Jake: “Goodnight, Carol.”

Me: “Goodnight, Jake.”

Jake scooted closer and pulled me closer, immediately I kicked of my blankets. Before I completely went to sleep I had something to say to him.

Me: “I love you jacob.” I smiled.

After that everything went to my wonderful calm dream. I started working with myself again I was getting closer to be my old self again.








                                                                                                                              There's still more to come.


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