The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Eight

*His P.O.V*

I may have looked asleep but I wasn't when carol whispered she loved me. Happiness over came, she was coming back to her old self, even though I didn't now her before she was horribly sad I feel like I did. I soon fell asleep thinking of the big war that is about it come.


Around seven I woke carol up and she went and got ready for school, while I went and did the same thing. I walked to Sam's house first and talked to him about what is going on.

Sam: “So we talked with Carlsile and Edward. They have taken down three of the 'newborns' and there is only two left minus the three leaders. Emily and I have decided that we want to be married before this all happens. We have set the date, its in two weeks..”

Me: “Wow that's soon. Its good that we are getting this done. When we take them down does this mean it will be the end of everything?”

Sam: “Pretty much. Thanks after this is all done we are going to go on our honeymoon then we are thinking about moving back to Forks.”

Me: “What about the treaty? Or the rest of us?”

Sam: “We are only thinking of is and Carlsile and I are renegotiating it.”

Me: “K Well I better be going by dude.”

Sam: “Bye.”

I ran back to my house get a quick shower, change eat breakfast, grab my backpack an walk over to Carol's.

Carol: “Hey I was thinking since its such a nice day an summer is almost over how about we walk to school today.”

Me: “Sounds good to me, we can talk more on the way.”

I take carol's backpack before she can argue about it. We start down the dirt road to the main road.

Me: “So did you hear Ashley's rumor that she started about you?”

Carol: “I figured she started something since a lot of people where starring at me. What was it?”

Jacob: “Oh I don't know I was wondering cause people where starring at me to.” He laughed.

Me: “Maybe we will find out today. Guess what I have to do today at lunch.”

Jacob: “What?”

Carol: “I have to have lunch with a girl name Alice who is in engaged to Jasper and her brother and sister, do you know who they might be?”

Me: “It might be Edward and Bella or Emmett and Rosalie, they are also together.”

Carol: “This is all confusing. Okay so Emmett and Rosalie are together but where adopted by Carlsile and his wife Esme so was Alice, Jasper and Edward then he met Bella and they go married and had a kid, right?”

Me: “Yep. Kind of weird huh?”

Carol: “Yep, yep pretty weird.”

When we got to school carol walked to her locker and I walked to mine.




**Carol's P.O.V*

All day jacob walked with me and talked and joked. I picked him as my partner in Family Assistance, he was cool with it. It was finally lunch time, I was sitting at the table with Alice, Jasper, Bella and Edward.


Alice: “We have come to a arrangement and we think since you're becoming close to jacob and his family, you should know that we are vampires but good vampires.”

Edward: “Perhaps we can go some where more private to discuss this.”


I was shocked. We all got up and walked some where more private. They talked to me and explained to me about what they are, what they we're. They answered all my questions. They also told me what has been going on with Jacob and his family, of course that just confused me anymore it also brought fear for everyone that was going to be involved especially jacob. After lunch I met up with jacob an continued to go to classes with him.

Jacob: “Are you glad that school is over?” He grinned.

Me: “Uh ya.” I laughed.

We started our walk home, I felt my phone vibrating in pocket and quickly reached for it. It was a text from cody saying that the coach said it if I made the team they would wait till my hand healed. Jacob was happy for me, I smiled and continued to talk an walk with jake. Once we made it to my house we raided the refrigerator then headed to the trampoline to work on our homework. It was mid evening till tucker came home.

Tucker: “Hey uh carol who is this?”

Me: “This is Jacob one of my friends so don't be weird or a jerk.”

Tucker: “Pfft I'm never weird. Its cool to meet you jake, be careful with my sis please.”

Jacob: “Will do.”

Tucker then walked back inside. Jacob turned to me with a huge grin on his face.

Jacob: “That was a little weird.”

Me: “He is pretty good at that.”

We busted into a ball of laughter.

After we finished our homework we just laid on the trampoline.

Jacob: “We should go do something.”

Me: “Like what?” I smiled.

Jacob: “I don't know haha.”

Me: “I do, go home and grab an extra pair of shorts then meet me back here.”

I quickly jumped off the trampoline an ran to my room and changed into my blue two piece swimming suit (Not a Bikini), I grabbed a couple of towels, two cokes and a bag of Lays chips then walked back outside to see he was already back.

Me: “Follow me.”

I had flip flop which wasn't a good idea but it was okay. I walked out of my back yard and into the forest behind it. We walked for in silence till jake spoke.

Jacob: “Where are we going?” He laughed.

Me: “Here.”

We where at my second most favorite place in the world. We where at the top at big waterfall that went into a lake. It was surrounded by beautiful trees. I took of my shorts and a t-shirt that I had put over my swimming suit then took of running, I jumped down into the waterfall and dived into the water. It felt so good to have that rush and the coldness but warmth of the sun. I bopped my head out of the water to see jacob wasn't that far behind me.

Jake: “This is amazing.”

He swam to where he was right in front of me.

Jacob: “How long have you know of this place?”

Me: “Since I lived here, I use to come her with my family.”

Jacob looked at me, the sun came down on him and saw that he was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I looked at him, he leaned in as did I. When his lips touched mine a spark went off, I pulled myself closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me. The kiss was so sweet and lovely. I didn't even notice that the water was cold but with Jacob's arms wrapped around me, I wasn't I knew he was always warm but this was a different warmth like when he was holding me, he was showing me his love. We pulled apart and just looked at each other. I went underwater and swam to the land. There was a small hill you had to climb to get back to the top, I knew jacob was behind because I could hear him but in some weird way I could feel him to. Once I was at the top I grabbed my bag and pulled out the blankets and laid them beside each other then I grabbed the coke's and chips. Jacob sat down first then I did, my head was resting against his body and his head was resting against my head. We didn't really say much till the sun started going down.

Me: “What does this mean?”

Jacob: “I would like to mean that your my girlfriend.”

Me: “It can as long as you don't imprint on me.” I grinned.

Jacob: “???”




                                                                                                                                                                               Hope you enjoyed it!


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