The Twilight Saga

"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Nine

Three months had passed. My parents decided to take a little longer because they wanted to go to Africa and adopt two little girls they also said that they are very happy with each other, tucker and I were very happy about that. School has been going good, I made the basketball team, my hand healed and I am have been doing a lot of physical therapy. Jacob and I have been going good, in the public eye we act like we have a normal relationship but once we are in the woods behind my house, we can be ourselves. Emily an Sam got married it was a really pretty wedding and very special. I am done working with myself, I am back to the old me. I am calm but I love to be crazy at times. I am happy, but can be sad without going into depression. Jacob told me he knew what I was going through cause of Edward. I thanked him because I don't think if jacob hadn't know he wouldn't have been able to help the way he did. As far as I know The Wolf Pack and The Cullen's have taken down the rest of the 'newborns' and one of the leaders. But they are building a bigger army, everyone has been working really hard for it, getting ready for it. Alice says they are coming in a few days but they think they could come at anytime, so we have to be ready, I am getting a little scared for jacob and everyone.


December 19th.

I was in a big sweatshirt with a big coat on and mittens. I was wearing a pair of L.E.I jeans and had a pair of brown winter boots on. I was sitting on the trampoline, sipping hot chocolate I was watching the snow it was falling very heavily, it was so beautiful.

Jacob: “Your going to catch a cold.”

Me: “I don't care, come sit with me it could be the last time we spend together.”

Jacob: “I want to show you something. Can we go back into the forest?”

Me: “Sure. Help me get down please?”

Jake walked over to me and picked me up then lightly set me on the ground. He took my left hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. As we walked to our favorite clearing in the woods I shared my hot chocolate with him. When we reached the clearing he drifted away.

Me: “Did I do something wrong?”

Jake: “Carol I want you to stay there while I do this.”

Me: “What are you doing?”

But before he answered, he had morphed into a extraordinary werewolf. I had never seen jacob as a werewolf except the day he ran off.

Me: “Can I come near you now?”

He nodded.

I started walking over to him, he met me half way.

Me: “Can I touch you?”

He nodded.

I reached my hand out and genitally rubbed his face, he pushed his head against my hand. I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Me: “I love you.”

He looked at me, his eyes got a little watery but I could see the that he was telling me he loved me too. He nudged me just enough to fall softly to the ground, he then laid down on his side.”

Me: “Are you wanting me to cuddle with you?”

He nodded.

I crawled over to him and laid in between his front legs, he scooted down to where his legs where around my waist. His breathing slowed down, he whined. I quickly sat up and looked at him.

Me: “What's wrong?”

He rolled over onto his back.

Me: “You want me to rub your belly? Seriously? Hahahaha okay.”

I sat by his rib cage and start to rub his belly.

Me: “So you have practice thing tonight right?”

He nodded.

Me: “Does that mean we have to go back soon?”

He got out from underneath me and walked into the forest.


He was back in his human form, he walked over to me.

Jacob: “You didn't do anything wrong. When we transform back to human form we are uh well we don't have any clothes on haha.”

Me: “Oh well thank you for leaving for that ahaha.”

Jacob: “No problem. Okay lets get you back home.”

Me: “If anything happens..”

Jacob: “I know I will come and get you.”

We started back to my house, jacob intertwined his fingers with mine. Once we got there, Jacob walked me up to my back porch.

Me: “Goodnight, Jacob.”

Jacob bent down kissed my right cheek.

Jacob: “Good.”

Jacob kissed my left cheek.

Jacob: “Night.”

Jacob kissed my lips. I felt shocks run through our body's, the love and passion grew between us. Jacob wrapped his arms around my waist, my hands some how got around his neck pushing him closer to me, my hands went up into his hair. We finally pulled apart and just smiled at each other.

Jacob: “Goodnight Carol, I love you.”

Me: “Goodnight Jacob, I love you.”

We hugged then I went inside and jacob went off to go to practice for this big war. I walked into my room, got a quick shower, finished up some homework. My mom had sent my an email saying that they had finished up the adoption and would be home in couple of weeks. She also said that my oldest brother johnny was coming home for a while. I was very happy, I quickly told tucker, we stayed up a little late talking and enjoying some good memory's. But around eleven we went to bed. I kinda waited just in case jacob came and got me but he never came which to me was a good thing. Everything was going really good.


                                                                                                                                                                                               Hope you liked it. :-)


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