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"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls. Part Eighteen





Two days passed and we are still chasing Alec, like Alice said he was going to move a lot till he got “Tired”. Well he did just that. He is hiding in a cabin with Carol in Alaska.


We are planning on going in tonight when he goes for a small hunt. He knows we are chasing him, he knows by (smell) but he thinks we settle down at night.


Sam: “Okay so Jacob you go in and get her and we will make the barrier then take care of him.”

Okay sounds good. Jared do you still want to come back with me?”


Jared: “Yeah just cause.”


Sam: “ That's sounds fine to me. Leah, Seth you go with jacob and he is in charge of you all k?”


Leah: “ I want to stay and fight this Flea.”


Sam: “Just go home.”


Leah: “Whatever.”


So this is the plan if I am correct. Leah, Jared and Seth are all coming back with Carol and I while you all stay here?”


Sam: “Yep then after we take care of Alec we will come home.”


Okay sounds good.”


We go into our positions and ready to act. We were all in wolf form those of that could be. It was a few hours till Alec left during that time we all sat in agony listening to Leah curse Sam and this time me out, but when she started blaming Carol I had had a enough in a split second I was in front of her knocking her to the ground, scaring the daylight out of her.


Don't ever blame her or curse her out, do you know that she is probably ten times stronger then you are. LEAVE HER OUT YOUR THOUGHTS! “




I got off her and returned to my spot


Go Jake!!” I could practically see Jared's smile.


It wasn't something I was proud about, I just wanted this all to be over. I wanted to have Carol in my arms for so many different reasons.


Oh jake stop being a big baby, you'll have your little lady back in your arms.”


Your right Jared.”


So you know when you sent sam to go get Carol??”




Well I was morphed at the time and I saw what little you showed him.”




Well did you you know?......”


I couldn't get there fast but sam did I was surprised that Jared didn't scream.


After a while we all settled down and waited.


Finally around 3:30 AM he went out and in a second he was gone. I changed back into human form then I sneaked through a small bathroom window. Everyone was guarding so I knew Carol and I could make it out. I walked out of the bathroom to see carol in a metal chair tied up like an animal or something. I could already tell she was bruised and maybe even broken. I wanted to Alec but not as much as I wanted to get Carol home. I walked around the chair. She was asleep. I untied the ropes then gently picked her up. She must be really knocked out. I got us outside when Edward walked up to me.


Carlsile gave me two tickets for a train ride that way you can get home faster and unnoticed as much as possible. The train station it about two miles away. Alice and Jasper will go with you just in case Jared, Leah and Seth are going to follow behind in a another cart and they have already left.”


He handed me the tickets. Alice and Jasper appeared from the trees and started walking ahead.


Tell Carlsile I said thanks.”


I started walking but I turned around and gave him the nod then continued forward.


We got the train station and on I guess Alice and Jasper had they're own tickets. We were half way there when I felt carol's heartbeat start to race. That's when her eyes opened. At first I knew she didn't know what to think but after a couple of minutes she realized that everything was real and she was safe again.


Carol isn't the kind of girl that would jump in my lap and scream “YOU FOUND ME WOOHOO.” And that be the end of it. Nope she just gave me a hug and started with a “ Hi.”



How long have I been gone for? Is my family worried?”

Three and half weeks. Of course. I got to spend some time with them while we were looking for you. I guess you haven't told me everything about yourself which is okay.”

Is everyone okay?”

Quil got hurt like I did the last big war we had.”

Did Carlsile help him?”

Yes but I don't know how he is doing.”

I'm sorry....for everything.”

You have nothing to be sorry for.”


Carol and I continued our conversation till Alice walked over.


Hey Carol my name is Alice.”

Nice to meet you Alice.”

Um Jacob had brought a bag of clothes and other things you might have needed when we found you. There is a bathroom on here. Not be rude or anything but I thought you might of liked to look okay when you saw your parents again.”

Thanks, your right they've been through enough.”


Carol grabbed the bag and headed off towards the sign that said “Restroom”. I went up and got carol and I something to eat and drink. When I got back carol was already sitting there waiting for me.


Hey I got us some things to eat.”

Okay cool.”


Alice and Jasper had moved up to the seats in front of us. The reat of the ride Carol asked about her school I told her that her homework will be waiting for her at the school, she asked about Alec I told her who stayed back to take care of him. She asked about why he took her.


Because I killed his sister, Jane in the battle. So he took you to get back at me. If I would have came after you like on a hunt he would have killed you to get back at me.” I didn't like being honest like that but she deserves to know. But know it was my turn to ask some questions.


Carol would it be okay if I asked you some questions.”


Your not going to your dark place are you?”

I didn't have to. I knew you and everyone would be out looking for me, I am finished working with myself. I can finally trust other people but not so”y for you and I am glad that you don't need your dark place anymore.”

Do you have anymore questions?”

Yes. What was it like with Alec?”

He was nervous he didn't know what to do. He took is anger out on me sometimes. He didn't really want to take me but he was led to believe that that was the right thing to do. Tonight he was actually going to let me go.”

How bad did he hurt you?

I think he might have fractured a rib.”

Your holding in your pain aren't you?”

A lot.”
“When we get home I will have Carlsile look at you okay?”

Hmmm I guess so my dad is a ER doctor though.”

Would you like me to stay with you tonight?”

You can stay over but my family and I probably won't go to bed we will probably stay up and talk and just have some family time.”

Then I think I will let you have that.”

Thanks jake.”

I love you carol.”

I love you jake.”


Carol fell asleep after that. Jared, Seth and Leah moved up into the cart that we were in and were all in different rows and asleep. Jasper called Carlsile to ask if he can look at carol before she goes home, he said as long as carol's comfortable with the idea. As we came into the town I thought to myself this has all be so surreal.


When we all got of the train we took a deep breath. Carlsile had Esme take us to my house. Carlsile was there waiting for us. I got carol inside and into my room. Carlsile got carol set up then I had to leave. We all walked over to Quil's house.





I was right Alec fractured a couple of my ribs. YES!! It hurt when he had to re-brake them because they had moved up into the space of other ribs. Anyways I am all better now well I just have to be in this splint of six weeks and for the first four I have stay bed ridden. I wish Jacob was here it felt nice being in his bed. I started dozing off from the medicines that Carlsile had given me.

Carol would you like me to take you home?” Sam spoke softly.

No but can you tell me what happened after I left. Please.” I whispered.

He walked in and sat on the floor next to Jacob's bed.


Well after we all new that you were ahead far enough we went after him but we didn't have to go far. He surrendered, we talked for few minutes and he found out that he never wanted to take you or hurt you in fact he hated doing it, Edward and Jasper could tell that he was telling the truth, we talked with him for a few minutes. Carlsile got him out of Volturi's eyes without them even noticing. He wanted to go live with his aunt and uncle and be a regular boy for a little while till he can start making better choices. So we took him to aunt's an uncle's house. We all know that he is going to turn out to be like one of the Cullen's cause that's just his nature. This was all down in time that we could catch the same train that you all were on just in the next town.”

That's not the full truth but that's all I am going to get for right now and for that I thank you.”

Get some sleep when Jake gets back from Quil's house he can take you home if you'd like.”

Thanks Sam. Give hugs to Emily, goodnight.” I softly smiled.

He nodded then got to his feet. He bent down kissed my forehead then walked out of the room. I thought about what my family was going to be like when I went home later. I couldn't help but sniff in Jacob sent and I loved it. Then meds kicked in and it felt like in two minutes I was asleep.

This time in a long time I had a real dream and it felt nice.




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