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"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls. Part Nineteen






About thirty minutes after we got to Quil's Sam came up but it looked like he had a lot on his mind.

Carlsile had to brake two of her ribs because they fractured but pushed up into other ribs. He has her on some meds but I don't know what kind. She is sleeping right now.”

I'm still going to go back there and be with her.”

Can you wait a few minutes I have some things I need to talk everyone about. Leah, Quil, Jared and their parents already know about this but some of you don't. The Cullen's need a huge favor. They need us to go back to Forks and be there just in case the Volturi comes looking for Alec, there is some other stuff but Carlsile has asked me not to share that till we have made a decision. We would have to be down there in a month. I think we should have a vote.”

Leah: “My mom and I are okay with going but the baby over here doesn't want to go.”

I would like to talk to carol first.”

Jared: “I'm coming.”

Quil: “I'm coming too.”

Emily and I are going.”

What should I do Sam?”

I think your right talk with carol.”


We talked for few more minutes then I walked back over to my house an into my room to see carol asleep in my bed, half naked. I walked over kissed her cheek then sat next to her on the floor. I saw her wake up and look over at me.

Hi.” She whispered.

How are you feeling?”


Is that a good thing?”

Mhhmm.” She grinned.

Well whenever you feel like it I will take you home.”

I know this is small bed but do you think you could cuddle with me for just a few minutes.”

I don't want to hurt you.”


I did my face defeat then slowly and genitally climbed on the side of the bed closest to the wall. I scooted her body as closest as I could get her to me, then I just loosely laid my arms over her.




Around six AM Jacob picked me up and carried me over to my house and rang the doorbell. The ten seconds that we waited was the longest ten seconds of my life. The lady that answered the door was my mother that didn't look her, this lady looked like she had just had gone through the worst pain in her life then when she saw me it all disappeared.


Hi, Lauren. May we come in?”

Of course.”

I carried carol in and set her on the couch. I wrapped the blanket that I had on her in around her body.

Lauren carol got lost up in the mountain and hurt her ribs really bad, I had doctor look at her, he has her on some meds which I brought and he has her in a splint. She is bed ridden for four weeks.”

Jacob handed her the medicine. My dad and brothers walked out into the living room.

Well Dove I think I will get home but I will come see you in a couple of days okay.”

One day.”

Hahaha okay one day, I love you.”

I love you.”

He kissed my forehead then left.


I spent a lot of time with my family. I told them that I was up camping with Jacob's family and I went out to get some more wood when I lost my path and got lost. I tripped on a lot of logs and fractured my ribs so I just had to lay there till I got help. One night I was able to sit up and make a small fire but it would only last maybe a half an hour. One night I got the fire two last for two hours maybe and that's when jacob and his family found me. We talked about it then moved on. We watched movies and talked like nothing happened and I was fine with that. At twelve my mom made us some of her famous mac n' cheese. I could only eat a little. We spent the evening talking about what the boys were going to and when they leave. Johnny is back to get ready to go to basic training. Keith is going to Haiti to help out then might go to Japan. Seth is moving to Seattle, WA to become a surgeon and cole is just home visiting. They are all leaving in two weeks. We all went to bed after a long day I knew tomorrow would be better.


I was sleeping just fine but then I herd a light knocks on my door.


Come in.”

All my brothers came in and sat around me.


Seth: “Hey sis how are you feeling?”

Tucker: “Her ribs are hurting and she has a small fever.”

You know I could have spoken for myself.”

Tucker: “Yeah but you wouldn't have. You would have said your fine or something.”

Cole: “True dat.”

Johnny: “Pumpkin dad hasn't told you this yet but he got a great opportunity in Forks ,WA, a Dr. Cullen needs a ER doctor at the hospital. He would need to be down there in a month.”

What about tucker, mom and me?”

Tucker: “We would go with him sis.”

Has he made a decision yet?”

Seth: “Well it is a great opportunity. He has a big house that is only a mile out of town that he is willing to let you all live in for free. The pay is way better then it is here.”

Sounds like dad should take it.”

Tucker: “Ya the only down fall is no jacob and a new school.”

What about mom?”

Cole: “Mom said she would just quiet, she would be a home at stay mom.”

Johnny: “Ya and Mr. Cullen told dad that they have a excellent basketball and baseball team, they also in Seattle they have a TaeKwonDo studio.”

Thanks for telling me this guys. You should all get some sleep.”

Johnny: “You need to get some to. See in the morning pumpkin.”

They kissed my forehead then they each tucked me in then left. I went back to sleep pretty quickly but I couldn't help thinking what if we do move? What about of Jacob? What would happen with us? I knew tomorrow when he came over we would have to talk about this.


I woke up feeling really bad, I was sore and very uncomfortable, I wanted Jacob's small but warm bed. I wanted his arms around me, I wish he was here he would now how to comfort me. And just like that like he herd what I was saying he was sliding through my window.

Your awake.”

Mmmhhmm. What time is it?”

Nine. How are you feeling?”

Truthfully I don't feel to good.”

Would you like me to go get some of your medicine?”

No I'm fine. But I do know one thing you could do.”

Without me saying another Jacob genitally climbed into my bed and wrapped his arms around me.

I have something to tell you.”

Me too.”

You go first.”

We'll go at the same time.”


K, 1,2,3.”

Jacob&I: ”I have to move to Washington.”

Jacob&I: “What do you mean you have to move to Washington? STOP COPYING ME!?!?!”

Jacob&I: “You go first.”

Carol shhhh. Tell me where your moving to Washington?”

Forks. My dad got a wonderful job offer.”

I have to go to Forks cause the Cullen's need us for some reasons I haven't been informed about yet.”

When do have to leave?”

A month.”

Me too.”

So what do we do know.”

Jacob my dad got a wonderful job offer I can't let him give that up. I'm going to move.”

And I can't let my family go there without one less man so I decided to move to Forks.”

So we when we get to Forks what do we do?”

We go one living like we did here. Together.”






~One Month Later~




We were all moved in. The Cullen's had cleaned up our houses and renovated them into bigger houses. My house was made just for my dad which was really nice.


Carol was moved into her house. Her house was just a nice cozy house. Downstairs was a kitchen, living room, a bathroom and a computer/library. Upstairs was her parents bedroom with their own bathroom then her brother who had his own bathroom which connected to Carol's room, they share a bathroom. Then a couple of guest rooms.


Carol and I were both doing good in school. She was a freshman and I was a sophomore. I was on the football team. Carol was on the boys basketball team and the boys baseball team. (They don't have any girl sports except volleyball.)

  Carol made a lot of friends mostly guys some were girls. I was friends with the guys she was friends with.


I saw carol pull up in her truck and hop out. She hugged Jared who was making the burgers then knocked on my window. I smiled and opened it up.

You could have come through the door.”

Ya but that wouldn't have been much as fun as this was.”

How are your ribs?”

Pretty good the splint came off today but I still need the pain meds only at night though.”

The party should be starting soon.”

Carol moved even more closer to me then she was. I bent down and kissed her. She pulled me as close as she could get me to her. We broke apart and she wrapped her arms around my waist.

Okay you to love birds lets go dinner is ready and the boys are getting hunger.”

We laughed and tackled seth to the floor.


We were sitting outside under the stars eating, wrestling with each other and talking.

Carol was laughing and talking with everyone, this was the girl that I never got to see. Little did I know it was going to be like this forever.



                                                         ~The End~






Hope you enjoyed this journey as mush I did thank you everyone who read it. I loved all the support I got and I am very grateful. I am just so sorry that it took so long to get these last parts out, no I am not ending this because of what happened or anything like that.




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