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"Till The Last Rain Drop Falls." Part Seventeen







We bored onto the plane, I had so sit next Edward. This is going to be interesting.

“I know how you are feeling right know. Tucker is right the Volturi will most likely deny him. Jake don't worry you will catch him and get carol back.”

“I never imprinted on her and yet it hurts like fire that I can't be with her and comfort her, calm her down. What I am going to ask from you is big for me but its very important. Will you take him down so I can just get Carol out of there? Your family can have him I just want carol.”

“Are you sure? I will talk with sam about this but I totally agree about you just going in and getting carol.”

“K. Thank you Edward.”

The rest of the plane ride was quiet, I tried to think were Alec would go if he got away in Italy but nothing came up I guess this where the physic vampire comes in handy.

“Psst Alice...Alice!”


“Can you see where he might go if he gets away from us in Italy?”

“Not yet but I am trying really hard, I will find out promise.” She smiled then snuggled back into her chair.

It wasn't long till we where running again this time in the woods of Italy. Alice said Alec had just gone before the Volturi, we reached had planned this on the plane.

We circled around the building and waited for him to come out. Alice kept us updated about what was going on. He was denied, that's when we started to pay attention. We got ready when he reached the front door that's when we lost him. We couldn't find him, all of our minds went foggy. He slipped right through our fingers.

We retreated back to the hotel we where staying at.

Edward and Emmett let us all gather in they're room.

Sam: “So Alice what happened?”

Alice: “The Volturi, denied him but since he...he said he was going to uh...change carol they decided to help get out of the building without us seeing him. Jacob I read his mine when he said that and that's not what he has planned at all in fact he doesn't really know what he is going to do.”

Jacob: “Thank you Alice. Did you see where he might go now?”

Alice: “No he's changing his mine to much.”

Jared: “So what do we do?”

Sam: “Well maybe we should just try and follow him.”

Edward: “I'm not quite we understand what you mean by that.”

Sam: “Well he will probably go to the places he thinks less of, so if we can find maybe those out we can pin him down.”

Emmett: “That's not a bad idea but maybe in between the stops we should give him time to sort what he wants to do.”

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