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They deleted the group and I can't e-mail or answer e-mails thru my account on here. Give me a day to to think about it. I'm not sure I want to put Arcadia up as a blog post yet.

Thanks for all your support! :)

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Comment by Toni Ann Whitmore on July 21, 2011 at 10:30pm
As always, you outdo yourself!  I am always loving your story!  :)  Will be looking for more... and Thank you!
Comment by Heather126 on July 21, 2011 at 5:52pm

Just for you. Here is the next part!


Steven was pounding on my door. I was so comfortable Ididn’t want to move. I managed to get out, “What?” before he found his key and unlocked my door. He peaked his head in.


“Time to get ready for school sis!” He was grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t help it; I chucked a pillow at him and ducked when he threw it back at me. Laughter filled the upstairs. I got ready for school. Once again
my hair was curlier than normal and I pulled it back into to a ponytail so my face was exposed. I had put on a black tank with purple and silver butterflies on the left side, and black jeans and ballet flats. I borrowed one of Steven’s watches and put in dangling silver earrings to complete the outfit.


“Cady, are you ready yet?” Steven called upstairs.


“Coming!” And I half ran down the stairs. “So how do I look?”

“Perfect Cady, perfect. You sure you want to go to school today?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  We grinned at each other. “Race ya!” I tagged him and booked it for the garage! I hopped in my car and started it. I whipped out of the drive just before Steven, but he was gaining on me! Steven passed me  but we had to stop at a red light. I put on my over sized sunglasses. I had to hide my face for a bit and the sun was out today! Oh how I LOVED the sun! The light turned green and we were off again! I took the lead about a block from school and came screeching to a halt in the parking lot. Hot Chelle Ray’s tonight, tonight was blaring on my stereo.

I stepped out of my car with all eyes on me. No doubt people didn’t expect to see me, let alone singing la, la, la and being in a great mood! I took off my sunglasses and tossed them in to the passenger seat. I actually heard people gasp as they looked at my face. I had a smirk on my face as I walked towards the school with my head held high. That football player that hauled me to the office held the door open for me. What was his name? Mark I think. “Thanks Mark.” He just stared at me.


I passed the office and Principle O’Donnell’s jaw dropped. “Morning.” I went to my locker and got what I needed. Just for ‘fun’ I decided to head up towards Jepson’s locker to see what he was up to. Just as I thought,
he and Jessica were walking down the hall together. They did have some space between them, and it looked like I would fit thru that space. Cocky smile on my face I walked right for them. People where gasping and parting making a path for me. “Excuse me.” And I walked right between them.

“Arcadia?” Jepson said. I stopped and slowly turned to my left to face him. This would give him a VERY good look at my face as I turned.

“Oh, Jepson. Sorry I didn’t see you there.”

He was staring at me trying to figure it out. “How the …, YOU’RE HEALED?”

“Mostly, there is a bit of yellow left if you look close enough.” He lunged for me. I stepped out of reach. “Ah, ah. No touchy! Every time you touch me I end up broken and bruised, so no more touching.”

“How the HELL did you heal so fast?”

“I spent my day in the sun. Dr’s orders. If you’ll excuse me I have to get to class.”

“Cady! There you are!” Steven had come up behind me. He rubbed his thumb across my check. “Perfect. Shall we?” He put his arm out for me.

“We shall.” I put my arm thru his and we headed off to class. We really shouldn’t goad him like
that. But it was fun.

Yes it was. You should have seen the way he looked at you when you turned around. I seriously thought
he might pass out.

Thanks for walking me to class. You might want to keep a close eye on me for a bit.

Like you had to tell me? Really Cady, I know once the shock wears off, he’ll be planning something./body>

Comment by Toni Ann Whitmore on July 21, 2011 at 2:07pm
I was wondering about that. I wonder why?! Wonder why you can't email or answer emails? let me know if you do post blogs about it. :) I truly enjoyed it and I was so looking forward to more of it.

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