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Today's Blog Post_ Wednesday _ 03_ 03_ 14_ Is that you Lamonnt ? From Twilight Saga....

This happen many moons ago...   mom and  I went to the flea market _   it was in the open area of the flea market they have buildings but  have a  large  open area  and  there  was this  colored  Gentleman  Twilight wasn't  even in  existed  yet he had the same mannerisms, same do, color  of eyes.  look even dressed the same as Lamont....  Even his voice and accent sounded like Lamont's .  What  I  got from him  was  some extra large   wraps  several  with  black  /  orange  looked  like a  Halloween wrap  from  him  he seemed like a  nice  man  he  had  that  Cuban  accent.   I will never forget him or mom.

This  is very strange how we met  this man  and  it  was  wayyyyyyyy   before  Twilight movies.

I thought this was very interesting ...

This  happen yesterday  I  did  this  and  it's  funny.

My parents  and  I  went  to  the  Tax  building to  get  our  licenses  tag and  then we stopped  at  CVS  to  stop so  I could get something  it   was  a  sunny  and  cold  day  but not  enough for  ice  I got  out of the  van and  there  was  this white  chips on  the  ground  and  I  continue to  get  out carefully I  shut  the door  and  carefully  went  into  CVS and  I even held on  to  a pole that  had  a    handi cap  sign  to  make  sure  you  I wouldn't  fall  I  went inside  and  got  what  I  needed  I  came  back out  and  mom  and  dad  said  I  look  like  a  tight  roper  trying  to  keep  my balance,  mom  said sweetheart what are you doing  I  explained  I  was trying  not  to  fall  on the ice  mom  said  sweetheart  that's  nice  ice  baby that's  some kind of  salt they put on the ground  when there's  ice  they  weren't  laughing  at  me  they were laughing with me we  all  laughed  all  the way home.  Even  today  mom  was laughing  still  the next  day..... It  was  cold and  sunny no wayyyy that could have been ice.

BOY is  my  face  red  like  Charlie  Brown's....  Good  Grief  and  Oh  Brother!  I  hope you enjoy  my stories.

Thank you  for  reading  and  have a  nice  day! 

Dava.  :-)

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