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A man walked down a seemingly empty alley in the dead of night. The far off sound of cars and city life was just a faint whisper in the background. The only source of light was a nearby street light the man was walking away from. His black booted feet splashed slightly as he walked through a puddle. In fact, the whole man was clothed in black. From his long knee length coat to his black, to mafia style hat, the man looked like some sort of secret agent or somthing. It was very obvious he did not want to be recongnized.

The man came to a stop halfway down the alleyway path and froze, his hands stuffed in his packets and his hat pulled over his face so that only one of his chilling icey blue eyes could be seen. His eye was trained on a patch of shadows that seemed to make up the alley. As he continued to watch it intently, the shadows began to take the shape of a human being. The figure soon took the shape of a man. The First man didn't seem too surprised to see a strange man materialize out of nothing more than shadows.

Unlike the first man, the second man wasn't covering up his appearence. He looked to be about in his mid-twenties, with short black hair and eyes that were the strange hue of an amber, almost maroon color. He was tan with a strong, althletic body of a football player. He strode up the the first man with a confident and arrogant swagger, cruelty like daggers in his strange eyes. He came to a stop abot a yard away from the other man before he began to speak.

"So nice you could come, Wolf." said the man, his voice smooth and confident that would give almost any girl chills. A smirk played on his lips as he watched the motionless, icey blue eyed man, Wolf. After a long pause, the man finally spoke.

"Anything for you, My Lord." Wolf replied, bowing his head to the other man. When he raised his head back up, the other man's expression changed from arrogance to a concerned and frustrated look. Wolf was about to ask what was wrong when hisyoung master answered for him.

"Wolf, have you heard anything information from the Council regaurding.... It?" he asked, tilting his head up to gaze at the stars with no such luck. The skyscrapers and airplanes took up the sky in the city and blocked out the stars. That was one of the things the young man missed from his old home, but being forced from his old home and travelling all over the place was part of the job he had, the job his family had and so on.

Wolf shook his head, "No, not yet. They aren't letting much information leak out. The Council is trying to keep the investigation pretty low key at the moment." Wolf frowned, "The information will get out sooner or later about the Reapling so we might as well wait."

The young man flinched at the word Wolf used to call it and turned arounf to glare at him with an almost animal-like look in his eyes,"Don't say that thing's name," he hissed, "And we need to know now. There will be no waiting." The man took a deep breath and sighed. He clasped a hand into a fist as a spark of determination flashed in his eyes, "I will take the thing out before it has a chance to even know what it is and regain the Wayland family name, if it's the last thing I do."

Wolf nodded and bowed once again, "As you wish, young master Anton."

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