The Twilight Saga


By Ravyn Su Pham

Chapter Two:


Krissy sat up. she was in a huge blue room completly empty except the couch she was laying on. She stood up. She probed her mind for some kind of power that could help her travel undetected through the house she was in. She was an Angel. The Angel. She was destined to empty the world of the Demons that walked on it. She could kill a few demons in a big house. Or was the house small and the room is just big? She didnt know. Or care.

She felt the answer. She pulled the powerful cloth- like feeling of Power over her. She felt her presence disapear.she creeped across the room slowly and as quietly as possible. It wasnt like she needed to. she could run through the house banging and kicking things and no one would see or hear her. She just couldn't speak. They would hear that. The Demons that had kidnapped her from the car wreck that night had stolen her away. They were to destroy her so they could stay in exsistence. The evil creatures were unnatural and shouldnt be alive. It was her job to kill them and she would do it perfectly. Just when she stopped feeling so frightened of fighting some huge ugly monster-like creatures. She had never actually seen a demon before. but she had heard of them. They were the ugliest creatures to ever walk the Earth. She opened the door and stepped outside not bothering to close it behind her. she walked down the narrow hallway and through a door at the end. She could feel the exit some where around here. She walked down a spiral staircase. The house was a mansion. a HUGE mansion. She recognized this place from old storytellers. but she couldn't remeber what they had said about it...

She heard a small noise behind her and flung around. She screamed when she saw what had followed her and she felt the power that was hiding her slip away...

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Comment by Gina Rose on May 20, 2010 at 6:25pm
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