The Twilight Saga


By Ravyn Su Pham

Chapter 1:


Ran crept along the edge of the cliff and looked down.

Quiet. Darkness. And the delicious scent of wild life. No, he wasnt here to hunt. he was here for his mission and that was all. He wouldn't lose himself in the instinctive lust of hunting. He scanned the forest below. nothing. This was his third search and he found nothing. The elders would be disappointed. A strange glint caught his eye. Faery light? No. That couldn't be here. Faerys were banned from the Land of Panmiin. He stared a moment longer then shook his head. The light was gone. "Get moving Ran", he told himself, "No use in getting caught up in the past". He walked down the side of the road. It was gently raining and fog clouded his vision slightly. For a human this fog would be pitch black, he thought. For a human.

"AAAH!!!",someone or something screamed. Ran stood as still as possible. then he started walking. running. The scent was this way. the scent of burnt metal and flesh and fresh blood. The scent of food. When the scene came into view he saw that a car had crashed. the car was on fire. He ran to the car. The driver was still inside. a young girl of about the age 18. He yanked off the door and climbed inside. he picked up the limp girl and and froze. Her. This is who he was looking for. he could feel it in her. The power that waits to be unleashed stirring now that she was being called by her homeland. danger. he climbed back out of the car. and knelt on the ground. He found her. Him. He cradled her in his arms like a fragile doll. He had found The Angel.

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Comment by Gina Rose on May 20, 2010 at 6:24pm
wow its amazing love it : )

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