The Twilight Saga

Truth part 6

Ravyn Su Pham



She was so beautiful, cradled in his arms like a precious secret. He would never let her be a sacrafice. He would never let anything hurt her. He had known that since the night he saved her. He looked down at her flawless face. She was the most important Angel in Panmen, and he had almost let her be killed. He grimaced at the thought. He was her warrior. He had to be. There was no other explanation for the connection they had. Every female Angel had a warrior that was Human, Angel, or Half-Demon. He was Half-Demon. He was the warrior of the most important Angel in all of Panmen. Even the Elders didn't hold the powers she had in their hands. Most Angels didn't find their warriors due to time, distance, and death. He set her on the bed against the wall. At the Sacrifical Pyramid he had used the connection's power to put her into a deep, peaceful sleep against her will ,while he carried her to a cabin he had built, in secret, a while back in the woods. He didn't want her to be freaking out, trying to kill him or anything.That would attract attention for sure.That was when he had known they were Warrior bound.She stirred and he got up and quietly walked out the room. "My Angel", He whispered silently before walking away.

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