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Riding Home, from somwhere out in the world. My mom driving and I'm in the

passengers seat,with the window rolled all the way down. All I see are

trees, fast cars, and houses with people,no doubt asleep.

All I can hear is the music thats blasted in my ears, it can only be one

genre that takes me to that place. One genre that gives me that feeling. One genre that sends me into a Twilight FRENZY! Which you ask? Well there's only one.

With the wind in my hair, and the reflection of the full moon in my eyes, sounds of The Killers and My Chemical Romance fill my ears drowning out

all sounds. And taking with it any hope of hearing what my mom is saying to me.

While feeling the adrenaline and speed of my head out the window, and the uncontrollable

smile on my face. With the sounds of 'Alternative Rock' in my ears.

I come to the conclusion, that I'm experiencing

A Twilight Frenzy

copywrite 2010 Jade Write

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