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twilight...i love it ive read all four books 23 times and i never get tiered of them!my parents are always saying "i dont see how you read that stuff over and over and over again."but what do they know there grown ups!

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Comment by alice cullen/Single on July 31, 2009 at 11:22pm
thank you! somebody who shares my problem!im rereading breaking dawn again.and the other day i went to the mall with my aunt and i went strait to hot topic and she was like"theres nothing but crazy teens and twilight stuff in here."and i said"thats not ALL they have in here,they have paramore stuff and shoes and cloths and jewerly and a bunch of other stuff.and if you dont like it then ill just meet you at the food court."and ofcourse my boyfreind was with us and he stayed with me...what a great guy!

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