The Twilight Saga

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

LOVE. The most powerful emotion that transcends beyond mortality. It grips, grows, and poisons the core of one's being. It allows you to fall, to commit mistakes, then to rise above it all. You fake it, deny it, yet abandon yourself all together when it's too powerful to contain.

In your existence there is the ONE person who shares this enigmatic rollercoaster ride with you. Like circuits, he electrifies the most minute and innate connections. With your eyes more glaring than lightbulbs, he puts you on a frenzy, gives you an arrhythmia, then sucks the daylights out of you. It is this overwhelming feeling of wanting, needing and living like a parasite to the most tempting host. Not any drug addiction can compare the highs of a human in love.
I had my share of Jacobs, always risking and believing that we can last a lifetime. I did believe but I cannot foresee. I cannot go beyond his promises and remain fulfilled. There were always questions, gaps and apprehensions. I learned to survive, then to die a little... then to let go.

There can only be ONE Edward. I found mine in the midst of zombiehood. Surely one can exist with a bland routine, but one can never truly breathe. I stopped searching. He came. He is that person who somehow reads my mind, finishing my sentences. He patiently listens to my diarrhea of words, always on the affirmative in spite of my stupidity. When I'm fierce, he lets me be knowing i would fizzle out when I've said my piece. With him, I have become a manipulative brat, a clinger too selfish yet awkwardly beautiful to deny. He looks poker-faced, seemingly cold and distant to others. But he is just the opposite. He is warm and comforting. His smile can embarrass any toothpaste commercial model. For a fact, he is 80% like me. Reserve the 20% for his own uniqueness. We can jump off a cliff together confident he would save me from drowning. I can get lost in any forest assured that he would cover my tracks. Everywhere I go, he is there. Surprisingly, I am not pissed off. I want him to be there. Existing beyond my twilight.

Call it destiny or fate. You meet that ONE person, always halfway. You can see and feel it in your nerves when he comes. That ONE person...your Soul mate.

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