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Thank you everyone for responding and commenting on my posts.  I know have Twilight Fans I can relate to.  Nobody at my job or my family is as into the saga as I have recently become.  Danette, thank you for the compliment on my name.  I quote Edward in regards to Renseme's name in Eclipse, he says to "it certainly fits the situation."  So, in regards to Renesme, she is half vampire and half human?  How come she is not venomous?  As the boy that Alice found was able to change his aunt, the sister of Pire.  Is Renesme immortal? As she will probably reach maturity after 7 years and live for years on food, blood like the boy Alice found at the end of BD 2 to show the Volutri.  Also in BD 1, it looked like Bella died, as Edward thought that the venom was not working and he lost her.  Carlisle said it was the morphine.  The book flowed much better with this part. Any thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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