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Just a side note for those interested. In order to properly prepare myself to write more chapters in continuation of Midnight Sun, I first had to draft a timeline of sorts for the events in Twilight and Midnight Sun. Twilight Lexicon has one posted on their site, but guess what? It is WRONG! They said that Bella arrived to Forks, WA on Monday, January 17, 2005 and that her first day of school was Tuesday, the 18th.

You can view it here:

BUT... from reading Midnight Sun, we know that Edward leaves for Alaska and returns late Sunday night or very early Monday morning, and he attends school on Monday. In Twilight (and MS) Edward speaks to Bella for the first time in Biology class. Afterwards, Mike Newton comments to Bella that Edward was acting friendlier [today]. Bella [tried to sound indifferent] when she replied, "I wonder what was with him last Monday?" (p. 51 TW)

So, we know Bella met Edward on her first day of school which was "last Monday." Therefore, her first day of school was Mon. Jan. 17th, and must have arrived in Forks on Sun. the 16th.

So here is the whole Timeline for Twilight & Midnight Sun:

TW= Twilight
MS= Midnight Sun

Sunday, Jan. 16, 2005
• Bella arrives in Forks, WA. Charlie bought her an old red Chevy truck from Billy

Monday, Jan. 17, 2005
• Bella’s First Day of School
• Bella meets Edward in Biology
• Edward leaves after class to hide in his car
• Edward leaves for Alaska to avoid killing Bella

Tuesday Jan. 18 - Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005
• Edward in Alaska
• Edward speaks to Tanya (p. 23 M.S.)
• Spends entire weekend hunting (p. 40 M.S.)
• Edward returns to Forks (p. 27 MS)

Monday, Jan. 24, 2005
• Edward returns to school (p. 27 MS)
• Speaks to Bella for the first time in Biology (p. 35 MS)
• Bella wonders to Mike what was up with Edward “last Monday”
• In Spanish, Emmett recalls his “singer.” The remembered thought is too much for Edward, he has to leave class. Sra. Goff asks Emmett to help. Edward sends him back to class; sits in his car until school is over (p. 47-48 MS)
• Edward hunts with Carlisle, even though he’s not thirsty (p. 51 MS)

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2005
• Tyler’s truck nearly crushes Bella; Edward saves her
• Bella meets Carlisle at the hospital (he’s in on it)
• Edward goes back to school; most of his family is angry
• Family discussion in dining room; Jasper plans to kill Bella (p. 80 MS)
• Alice foresees two possible futures: Edward will either kill Bella, or she will become one of them

Wednesday, Jan 26 – Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2005
• Edward ignores Bella for over a month

Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2005
• Jessica asks Bella’s permission to invite Mike to the girl’s choice dance

Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2005
• Mike asks Bella if she will ask him to the dance but Bella says he should accept Jessica’s invite
• She makes an excuse to go to Seattle. (p. 72 TW)
• Edward is interested in Bella’s reaction to Mike’s invite (p. 96 MS)
• Edward looks at Bella for the first time in a month (p. 97 MS)
• Edward speaks to Bella first time in a month (p. 74 TW, p. 99 MS)
• Edward goes hunting (p.105 MS)
• Edward goes to Bella’s house, watches her sleep (p. 106 MS)
• Edward hears Bella say his name, tells him not to go (p. 108 MS)
• Edward realizes he is in love with Bella (p. 109 MS)

Thursday, Mar. 3, 2005
• Edward runs to school, grabs Bella’s keys out of the puddle
• Edward asks Bella if she’s like to ride with him to Seattle (p. 83 TW, p. 113 MS)
• Bella is late for English (p. 85 TW)
• Edward asks Bella to join him for lunch (p. 87 TW, p. 118 MS)
• Bella reveals one “theory” (p. 92 TW, p. 123 MS)
• Edward skips Biology (blood typing) (p. 93 TW, p. 117 & 125 MS)
• Bella woozy from blood; Edward drives her home (p. 104 TW, p. 134 MS)
• Alice drives Bella’s car home (p. 142 MS)
• Edward composes Bella’s Lullaby (p. 143 MS)
• Emmett and Edward leave for Goats Rock hunting trip (p. 148-153 MS)
• The “others” go hunting (p. 106 MS)

Friday, Mar. 4, 2005
• Edward hunts with Emmett. He wants to go back early but Emmett refuses
Rosalie needs time to cool off. (p. 152 MS)

Saturday, Mar. 5, 2005
• Bella and her friends go to First Beach in La Push
• Jacob Black tells her the Cullens are vampires, but he doesn’t really believe the “superstition” of his father
• Bella dreams that Jacob is a wolf, ready to attack Edward (p. 130-131 TW)

Sunday, Mar. 6, 2005
• Bella researches vampires on the internet (p. 133-1345 TW)
• She walks through the woods behind her house to think (p. 136 TW)

Monday, Mar. 7, 2005
• Peter and Charlotte arrive in Forks (p. 148 & 157 MS)
• Edward arrives back in Forks very early AM; he climbs in her bedroom, oils the window (p. 153 MS)
• He watches her sleep until the sun rises. He follows her scent into the woods (p. 155 MS)
• Bella wakes to a sunny day and is surprised her window opens so easily (p. 141 TW)
• Bella gets to school very early to enjoy the sun (p. 141 TW)
• Mike asks her out again, she tells him it would upset Jessica (p. 142 TW)
• Edward watches her all day through the thoughts of others (p. 157-163 MS)
• After school, Bella brings a book and blanket outside; falls asleep reading Jane Austin (p. 147 TW)
• While Bella naps, Edward sneaks up to skim her book, trying to figure out what she was reading. She said his name again and then, Edmund, too close”
• Edward goes on “the shortest of hunting trips” (p. 164 MS)

Tuesday, Mar. 8, 2005
• After school, Bella, Jessica, and Angela head to Port Angeles to go shopping (p. 152 TW)
• Bella goes off by herself to find a bookstore (p. 156 TW)
• Bella gets lost and is cornered, nearly attacked (p. 161 TW)
• Edward saves her and takes her to dinner (p. 162-165 TW, p. 171-177 MS)
• Edward admits he can read people’s minds (except hers) (p. 172-176 TW, p. 186-191 MS)
• On the car ride home, Bella tells Edward her theory about vampires. He finally admits it. (p. 183 TW, p. 199 MS)
• Peter and Charlotte leave Forks (p. 165 MS)
• Bella showers and huddles up in bed.
She is positive about three things: (p. 195 TW)
1. Edward is a vampire
2. Part of him thirsts for her blood
3. She is irrevocably and unconditionally in love with him
• Carlisle and Edward find Lonnie (Bella’s attacker) (p. 216 MS)
• Edward races back to Bella. She is huddled up, so he finds her an extra blanket (p. 216 MS)

Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2005
• CCC breaks story about Lonnie (p. 218 MS)
• Edward picks Bella up for school for the first time (p. 197 TW, p. 219 MS)
• Jessica interrogates Bella about her date with Edward (p. 202 TW, p. 219 MS)
• Bella & Edward eat lunch together- she asks about him eating food.
• He nibbles pizza, but will have to choke it up later. (p. 207 TW, p. 234 MS)
• Edward asks Bella if Saturday they can do something different (p. 213 TW, p. 242 MS)
• Alice recognizes the meadow he plans to take her to as the same meadow from her earlier vision (p. 242 MS)
• Mr. Banner shows a video in Biology. Neither Edward nor Bella can concentrate. (p. 218 TW, p. 249 MS)
• During Gym Bella hit herself in the head with her badminton racket
• Edward and Emmett stage Ben and Angela hook-up (p. 254 MS)
• Edward drops Bella off and says it’s his turn tomorrow (p. 264 MS)
This represents the END of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun

Stuff I made up:
• Edward has to go back and deal with his family
• Edward watches Bella (through Charlie) cook dinner. He listens to their conversation
• Charlie watches TV. Bella does the dishes, breaks a plate.
• Edward sneak into Bella’s room, touches her arm, then searches her room for ideas what to ask the next day

Thursday, Mar. 10, 2005
• Edward interrogates Bella all the way to school, during lunch, until Mr. Banner starts the video
• Edward continues his inquiries on the car ride home. They sit in front of her house in the car for hours talking.
• Billy and Jacob Black visit Charlie’s. Billy recognizes Edward

Friday, Mar. 11, 2005
• Edward drives Bella to school, but apologizes since he is leaving after lunch to go hunting with Alice ( she is most supportive. The rest are “incredulous”
• Edward continues to ask questions during lunch. Alice meets Bella
• Edward and Alice leave to pick up Bella’s truck. They go hunting.

Saturday, Mar. 12, 2005 (Day of the dance)
• Edward picks Bella up . They hike 6 miles to meadow- Bella is really slow
• Bella sees Edward in the sun for the first time, she thinks he’s beautiful
• Edward puts Bella on his shoulders and runs out of woods
• Edward invites himself in Bella’s house. Charlie comes home- he hides
• Charlie thinks Bella will sneak out- removes battery cables from her truck
• Edward says she talks in her sleep. She’s said his name numerous times.
• He admits he comes to her room almost every night since the day he started speaking to her again (the day M, E, and Tasked her to the dance and he experienced jealousy for the first time in his existence)
• Bella asked Edward to stay the night

Sunday, Mar. 13, 2005
• Bella is glad Edward stayed the night, even though he left briefly to change
• Edward asks if she wants to meet his family
• Bella visits the Cullens’ house. They keep a distance, but Alice kisses her cheek.
• Edward tells Bella about Carlisle’s history and shows her Carlisle’s study.
• E. shows B. his room. She’s not afraid; he lunges at her on the black leather sofa.
• A knock at the door, he repositions her more appropriately on his lap.
• Alice has seen a great time to play baseball, Bella is invited
• Edward brings Bella home and is introduced to Charlie as her boyfriend?
• Edward takes Bella to the field in Emmett’s Jeep. They play baseball
• Laurent, James and Victoria show up, curious
• A breeze flows and James realizes she’s human. “You brought a snack”
• Edward’s reaction sets James off and Bella becomes his greatest hunt ever
• Bella tells her father she is leaving Forks
• Alice and Jasper drive Bella to Phoenix

Monday, Mar. 14, 2005
• Alice, Jasper and Bella arrive in Phoenix

Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005
• Alice and Jasper have food delivered at regular intervals
• Alice sees James in a ballet studio.

Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005
• James tricks Bella into ditching Alice and Jasper
• Bella escapes through the airport bathroom just before Edward’s plane arrives.
• James lures Bella to her old ballet studio.
• James crushes Bella’s leg; bites her hand; the venom starts to spread
• Edward sucks the venom out to save Bella. He didn’t think he could stop.
• Bella gets brought to the hospital, (she is unconscious for two days)

Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005
• Renee and Charlie arrive in Phoenix. Edward and Carlisle explain they came to convince her to come back to Forks. But when she got to the hotel, she tripped down the stairs and smashed through a window

Friday, Mar. 18, 2005
• Bella wakes up in the hospital. She wonders why Edward saved her; she could be like him by now.

Sometime in May, 2005
• Alice dresses Bella up
• Bella thinks they’ve changed their minds about transforming her
• Edward takes Bella to the prom
• Jacob crashes the prom and cut in to dance with Bella. He gives her is father’s message to break up with her boyfriend and that “We’ll be watching”
• Edward is mad Jacob made him break his promise to not let her go that night.
• Bella is ready for the change, Edward won’t change her, but she won’t give up
• She says, “Enough for now.” He says, “Enough for forever.”
• The End

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