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hey this is mallie again i got my 1 st blog posted today so now im gonna write my second one.its about what i think about the twilight books.
twilight is 1 of my favorites.i think it really tells a god story and has a wonderful meaning..there are a few things i dont like about twilight like i hate how it takes her and edward really long to get together i mean everyone would end up toghether.
new moon is my least favorite because edward leaves which is so sad because he is the core of the saga. i really dont like jacob at all because he is to young for bella but wants to date her.i think it is really rude of him to ignore er like he does just so she doaent find out a werewolf cause she wa gonna find out any way...i love tht her and edward finally get back to together .
eclipse is kinda good i dont like tht jacob kisses bella or that victoria comes back..i think it is so sweet that him and bella get engaged
breaking dawn is kind of weird i thiNk they should have skipped over some of the parts in bella prt 1 i dont like that jacab narrates part 2 i think they shpould have kept it with only bella..i lov part 3 because bella becomes a vampire gets to meet rennesme and i lik tht she gets to still have jacob in her life .i wish the voultri didnt come back because the reason for them coming back was just so there was never a coven bigger than theres.i hate that alice and jazz leave but .love tht they all get back together.well this is mallie cecilia vermont i heart you talk later

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