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Ok.. so my sister and I would like to go to the Twilight Convention in Minneapolis, MN in July and are looking for ways to raise money to be able to go.. she is part of the thousands of people that have been laid off this year and my husband is also part of that and times are a little tough right now.. and maybe it isn't the most responsible thing to do, but we both could use a little break from the stress and if it's possible, what a better way than to go to a Twilight Convention, I have fell in love with the Twilight series, I'm not even a reader, infact the Twilight books are the first that I have ever read and I"m 33 years old, I just have never enjoyed reading..I read the series with my sister, about 2 months ago, we read it in a months time, she has been living with me for the past 3 months... we have never really been able to get to know each other because she is 8 years younger than I when I left the house after high school and she was real young and we haven't lived in the same proximity since... so we are hoping to be able to road trip it to Minneapolis which is about 10 hours away and have a great weekend celebrating Twilight together, something that would be a trip of a lifetime for us, Twilight means more to us than just a GREAT series, it's really what gave us our first real connection; something that we could both relate to, and our relationship has just grown from there, she is now my best friend I feel that the book wouldn't of been the same if I would of just read it alone without her company.... we have never spent a weekend together just the two of us.. and to be able to do that and enjoy Twilight would be so special to us both.. so if anyone has some creative quick ways to raise money.. please let us know!!! we want to also create a website and post our trip on there.. Thank you for any ideas that you might have.. Have a wonderful day..

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