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Twilight Haters NEW Reasons Against The Saga... Wow.

Okay, I was home sick one day, so I was surfing the internet, looking for any news about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Summit, Stephenie Meyer, ANYTHING about the Saga, or related topics. And I came across a blog a dad started about his daughter reading Twilight. He was really supportive of her, and looked up reviews on the internet about the book. He was getting some reviews of the book "tainting young childrens minds with sex before marriage, pedophilla, suicide and sexual abuse". Yeah, I know. I was shocked too. And do you want to know what people linked that bull**** with?! So, the pedophilla is when the wolves imprinted on children, the suicide was when Edward went to the Volturi, and the sexual abuse?! When Edward and Bella first did it in Breaking Dawn, people thought that it was sexual abuse because Bella had bruises!!! People were also saying that the book is NOT thought provoking, and that, AND I QUOTE FROM ONE OF THE PEOPLE!! "A good trash novel for unlettered teens. The fact that adults and even English teachers read this is incomprehensible. What an infantile culture we have." Come on. Honestly. Ten bucks says that most of these people have never even read the book. Here are some of the things people were saying:

"Is this what we want our young girls to be like, hopelessly infactuated with a guy, constantly being rescued by said guy because she can't stand on her own two feet, living only for the guy's "golden eyes" to shine on them, losing (and this is the best part) months of her life (the empty month chapters in the second book I refer to) because the guy has rejected her for the how-many-ith time? It is a poorly written soap opera with vampires and werewolves added to make it interesting."

"In the book I mean, that the writing style is extremely weak. The grammar is poor, the vocabulary extremely limited. Story, or lack thereof, aside it's just not a very well written book with little to no plot about characters who don't actually have any character."

And heres one of the responses a woman wrote. I like it:

"I understand why some people love the Twilight books and some people don't. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. That said, please make sure that your opinion is informed and intelligent before bestowing it upon the rest of us.

This father has not read the books. You are going to give him a heart attack if you continue to make up your own version of what happened in the books.

There are many things I would like to address that are incorrect interpretations of the actions of the characters, but for the sake of everyone's time, I'll leave it to the most grossly exaggerated ones.

1."Edward has brutally violent sex w/ Bella's unconscious body, breaking bones"... Ummm...WHAT? No he doesn't! She's awake the whole time, she enjoys it tremendously (but we, fortunately, are spared of any sexual details) and Edward loathes himself afterwards because he sees that he has given her bruises because of his immense strength, but Bella had not even noticed any pain. She had to reassure Edward that she was okay. I don't know about you, but I frequently end up w/ bruises that I never felt and cannot, for the life of me, remember what I did to get them.

2. "which produces a demon child"...Bella does get pregnant, but the fetus doesn't know its own strength. Because Edward can read minds, he eventually ends up being able to hear the fetus' thoughts and realizes the child that he believed to be a demon child, did not know that it was hurting her mother and WAS capable of love and learning. She had a special gift of understanding what was happening around her, so she understood when Edward communicated w/ her regarding the pain she was causing Bella and did her best to not hurt Bella again. She is born in a pretty graphic manner - but, I've had 3 babies and all of my human births were pretty graphic and extremely painful. So, it's not too big of a stretch from "real" childbirth.

3. "a werewolf tears it from her body w/ his teeth". Ummm...once again, no. They have to pull the baby out emergency c-section style, but the sack protecting the baby is made from a tough material like the skin of a vampire that can only be pierced by the teeth of a vampire or werewolf (where the confusion comes from, I'm sure). So, after being given morphine and having her skin pierced by a scalpel to get to the sack, Edward uses his teeth to open the sack to get the baby out.

Granted, this is all fantastical, weird stuff going on, but what vampire novel isn't? No, it isn't brilliant writing and is nowhere close to the level of JK Rowlings (I'm only listing a current series writer that has had huge success - I know there are hundreds of other examples), but it IS a fun story that lets you care about imaginary characters and lets you just enjoy the ride.

Sorry for my novel, but I can't stand it when people try to persuade you w/ a bevy of falsehoods. Thank you for your time."

Heres the website:
AND PLEASE scroll to the bottom of that page when you click the link and comment. Read all the things people were saying. We NEED people to understand that Twilight is not bad. Really. So I basically just started this blog to let all Twilight Lovers (myself included) know some of the cruel things people are saying about the books.

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