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Twilight! I am in Team Jacob because he is SO hot, isn't he! I always...

I am in Team Jacob because he is SO hot, isn't he! I always pause the part on New Moon where he is re-flexing his abs, drooling moment, haha! Also I hated when he had long hair, when it got cut short I was SO happy because he looked SO much hotter with his hair short! Even the werewolf form of him is sexy! Also I would LOVE to meet him, it would be a dream come through! I joined this website because when I saw it I was like, OMG I have got to join it! And here I am, writing my first blog on the 02:11:10, I am SO happy now that I can prove my love for Twilight (and Jacob!) and not be embarrassed! Anyway, I think this blog is long enough! Bye-bye, I'll be back soon, Sophie x

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Comment by Patti Skau Larsen on November 10, 2010 at 2:03pm
Omg i totally feel the same way Sophie! :D especially with the website thing. I was like screaming in my head and very close at doing a happy dance. But i think i made a happy song in my head. lol. My classmates are like sick and tired of me. Haha! XD XD
I too love Jacob/Taylor. How they both look and act and say things. *sigh*
And Taylor is like SO perfect for the role! ;D
Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on November 4, 2010 at 8:19pm
I like him because he's sweet, and cute.. Not on the outside, but the things he says.. He's a hopeless romantic.. <3 "Did you seriously just stomp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.."

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