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Twilight is sucking out all the fun...

Twilight has really sucked all the fun out of reading other books. All of a sudden no other books seem to interest me anymore. What makes it even more complicated is the fact that Twilight has gotten so popular, I almost find myself hating the fact that I'm so into it still. Its becoming too popular. I know that this happens to everything once turned into a movie..but Its starting to become a bit much.

Yesterday I went with two of my friends to the mall and we decided to drop by HotTopic. That store might as well become Twilight's new home. The placed is covered from head to toe in Twilight annd Paramore gear. There were shirts, buttons, necklaces, jwelry boxes, hats, patches, lunch boxes, posters, and etc..( too many to name.) It felt as though I was drowning in advertisement and merchandise. I really love Twilight...but I'm not so sure about its crazy fans and over popular franchising it has now. :(

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