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hey everyone im a new member and I absolutely love this site and the books so happy the books mean so much to me and I never thought that they wuld my friends had been bugging me for over a year to read them and I always resisted saying that it just wasnt my thing and then as the releas of the firs movie came closer I started seeing it every where and it came down to the night before the release my best friend who had already read all four of the books wanted to the midnight showing I grsiously agreed to go with her but they were sold out of tickets so we were in her room bored as ever with absolutley nothing to do she turned on the tv and sudenly a comircial came on for the movie and I got caught up in how good it looked and once it was over I turned to my friend and asked if she still had the first book she said she did and I went to retreve it from her book shelf I said that I wuld read the first chapter and if I didnt like it I wuld put it away at that time it was 9:30pm the next thing I know it is 2:00am and im half way through the book the way it captured me was something very special and I cant thank stephineie meyer enough for such a wonderful gift
twilight love forever Kat

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