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Yeah...this is kinda pointless to read, but its fun for me...haha...this is a list of all the twilight merchandise i own...i made this list off the top of my head so hope i got every thing....

1. Twilight (Book)

2. New moon (Book)

3. Eclipse (Book)

4. Breaking Dawn (Book)

5. Twilight complete illustrated Companion

6. New moon complete illustrated companion

7. Twilight Directors notebook

8. Kristen Stewart biography

9. Robert Pattinson biography

10.Taylor Launter biography

11. Twilight graphic novel - part one

12. New moon special edition (Book)

13. Breaking dawn concert series special edition (Book)

14. The unofficial twilight companion

15. Blood rivals (A robert pattinson/taylor launter biography book)
16. Stephenie Meyer - queen of twilight biography

17. Unofficial Stephenie Meyer biography

18. 4 twilight saga journals

19. New moon calender

20. Twilight soundtrack

21. New moon soundtrack

22. Twilight 2 disk DVD

23. New moon 2 disk DVD

24. 2 twilight bookmarks

25. A cullen crest keychain

26. A cullen crest wrist band

27. Edward t-shirt

28. Twilight character t-shirt

29. Twilight t-shirt

30. New moon t-shirt

31. Edward bag

32. New moon bag

33. Twilight bag

34. New moon, Jacob pen

35. Twilight poster

36. New moon poster

37. Twilight 3D poster

39. Long, Bella and Edward New moon hanging poster

40. Robert Pattinson poster

41. Kristen Stewart/robsten poster

42. Taylor Launter poster

43. Little new moon poster

44. Little twilight poster

45. Twilight scene it game

46. New moon board game

47. New moon jewellary box

48. New moon poster 2

49. 42 twilight/new moon post cards

50. 4 new moon badges

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Comment by Gemma Tunstall on June 23, 2010 at 3:39pm
Wow that's loads, all I have is all of the books, a team jacob bag, the new moon calendar, the Twilight and New Moon boardgames, the Twilight DVD and a double disc New Moon DVD, and a Short Second life of Bree Tanner top :)
Actually I have more that I thought but it's still not as much as you, everytime I see something Twilight related an want to buy it, my mam or dad just say "Oh I'll see" and then they always forget it.

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