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Why is it that true love only happens in stories and fairy tales. I don't TRUE TRUE love. Just a best friend who I can play with and who can love me and be there for me. I'm not a girly person at all. I like paintball, horseback riding, and playing in mud sometimes. I can never pronounce Levi's right ( and no that is not asking you to tell me how to pronounce them if you comment trying too I will delete it and write you a long message of why I didn't want you to and no body wants that so just don't do it )
Life isn't that hard if you look at the big picture. But the years start to add up and sometimes friends just won't do it. You want someone that you can ALWAYS let your guard down around. Someone who thinks your beautiful or handsome even if you have morning breath when you wake up. Even if your horribly sick with un-brushed hair. But sometimes you can have what Bella and Edward have. And thats when you start complaining that life isn't fair. But hey... it's okay... just think about it... if life was fair. We'd all be dead.

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