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I enter forks without glee,
But I saw and immortally beautiful; how could this be?
I am in love with a vampire; I want to enter its empire
I gave him my heart,
Of him, I took a part,
He left me alone unprotected,
My pain, a dog ended,
Alas, he still has a part of me,
Adrenaline sends me happy,

A group of murderers in Italy,
Try to kill my love,
When noon strikes the clock above,
He steps onto the sun,
But for me this is not fun,
I shove him away from the light,
He said, this must be heaven's delight,

The Italian murderers have kill the one of I,
But the people just cry,
We run away safe and sound,
But a new surprise has been found,
I want immortality,
But he doesn't agree,

On one condition I can fulfil,
The price that pays the bill,
Matrimony that's what he wants,
Before human memories, become a haunt.

-Kiara Soliva
11- year old :)

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Comment by rhyannah black on January 6, 2010 at 12:05pm
ur 11 ?!? dat bit was deep. i really liked it. i guess ur as in to poetry as i am. u were really brave to post it. most of mine is personal, i guess that one was 4 u, but i mostly share it wit mi friends. dat was cool.

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