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Twilight Saga-Eclipse! A Must See Movie Event! David Slade Did An Awesome Job!

Twilight Saga: Eclipse left me breathless in all aspects of the story. David Slade did an awesome job by sticking to the book. All the Twilight Characters were awesome & spectacular in their own unique roles especially our favorites Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, The Cullens, The Wolf Pack, The Volturi's, and the New Bloods as well. I also loved best by David Slade & Melissa Rosenberg the part of Charlie & Bella, when they were discussing her relationship. This was an important part in the book & it was well translated in the movie. I also love the way the romance, triangle, & hate evolved through each detailed scene in the movie. Eclipse stands tall on it's own franchise of the Twilight Saga. This will be the highest grossing movie ever. It has all the right scenes all teenagers & adults want to see. The movie is also well kept in it's PG-13 status. I know David Slade was able to do it now let's see what Mr. Bill Condon will accomplish with Breaking Dawn?

I went to the midnight Premier of Eclipse and was amazed to see so many awesome Twilight Fans. I salute you all in making this franchise a successful one.

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