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Twilight: Movie Order
# Song Artist Where at
3 ~ Full Moon The Black Ghosts > Plays at the beginning during the opening
9 ~ Eyes on Fire Blue Foundation > Plays when Bella is in front of her truck waiting for Edward to show up to school
7 ~ Tremble for My Beloved Collective Soul > Plays when the van almost hits Bella
8 ~ I Caught Myself Paramore > Plays while Bella, Angela and Jessica are in Port Angeles at the dress store
5 ~ Spotlight (Twilight Mix) Mute Math > Plays when Bella and Edward show up to school together
12 ~ Bella's Lullaby Carter Burwell > Plays when Edward takes off out of his room with Bella on his back through the forest on to where Edward plays it on the piano
1 ~ Supermassive Black Hole Muse > Plays while they are playing baseball
10 ~ Never Think Robert Pattinson > Plays in the ballet studio while Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella
6 ~ Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) Perry Farrell > Plays as Bella and Edward enter the prom
11 ~ Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine > Plays as Bella and Edward dance in the gazebo
15 Step (Radiohead) Radiohead > Plays when Victoria turns around at the prom, and the credits roll
4 ~ Leave Out All the Rest Linkin Park > Plays during credits
2 ~ Decode Paramore > Plays during credits

Twilight: New Moon - Movie Order
# Song Artist Where at
10 ~ Monsters Hurricane Bells > Plays which Bella is driving to school on her birthday then intensifies when Edward pulls up
11 ~ The Violet Hour Sea Wolf > Plays during Bella’s Birthday Party at the Cullen’s
6 ~ Satellite Heart Anya Marina > Plays in the truck after Bella's birthday party at the Cullen's house
8 ~ Rosyln Bon Iver and St. Vincent > Plays when Edward and Bella are walking into the woods and he's about to break up with her
4 ~ Possibility Lykke Li > Plays when Bella is sitting in a trance staring out the window
7 ~ I Belong to You [New Moon Remix] Muse > Plays at the end when Bella tells her dad she is going shopping with Jessica and while she is walking with Jessica
2 ~ Friends Band of Skulls > Plays when Bella starts walking toward the guys on the motorcycles
All I Believe In The Magic Numbers > Plays when Bella and Jacob are walking toward the garage to start work on the motorcycles and that she shuts off
12 ~ Shooting the Moon OK Go > Plays when Jacob and Bella are working on the bike
15 ~ New Moon (The Meadow) Alexandre Desplat > Plays when Bella finds the meadow where her and Edward where laying in the flowers
Solar Midnite Lupe Fiasco > Plays when Mike, Jacob and Bella go to the movies
9 ~ Done All Wrong Black Rebel Motorcycle Club > Plays while at Emily's house
3 ~ Hearing Damage Thom Yorke > Plays while Bella is realizing what she needs to do to see Edward again [cliff dive] and during the whole sequence when the wolves are chasing Victoria and Charlie and Harry are in the woods
13 ~ Slow Life Grizzly Bear featuring Victoria Legrand > Plays when Bella is drowning
14 ~ No Sound But the Wind Editors > Plays in Edward's car at the end when Bella tells him she wants him to turn her
5 ~ A White Demon Love Song The Killers > Plays during credits
1 ~ Meet Me on the Equinox Death Cab for Cutie > Plays during credits

Twilight: Eclipse - Movie Order
# Song Artist Where at
7 ~ Chop And Change The Black Keys > Beginning when Riley gets changed
9 ~ Let's Get Lost Beck and Bat For Lashes > When Bella is trying to call Jacob
17 ~ How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep Bombay Bicycle Club > During cafeteria scene
12 ~ A Million Miles An Hour Eastern Conference Champions > Jacob confronts Bella about being gone in the school parking lot
10 ~ Jonathan Low Vampire Weekend > When Bella gets on the mortercycle with Jacob then goes see the wolf pack
6 ~ Atlas Fanfarlo > Breifly plays when Edward drops Bella off to stay with Jacob on the way to reservation
13 ~ Life On Earth Band Of Horses > Bella & Edward talking in Bella's bed about why he doesn't want to change her
15 ~ Jacob's Theme Howard Shore > When Bella & Jacob are talking and he kisses her then Bella punches Jacob
3 ~ Ours The Bravery > First song played during graduation party at the Cullens
2 ~ Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) MUSE > Second song played during graduation party at the Cullens
11 ~ With You In My Head UNKLE (Feat. The Black Angels) > During the Cullens fight training with the wolfpack watching
5 ~ My Love Sia > During Bella and Edward making out on his bed then again when Edwards ask Bella to marry him
8 ~ Rolling In On A Burning Tire The Dead Weather > When Riley and Victoria are talking under a bridge
1 ~ Eclipse (All Yours) Metric > First song played in the credits also an instrumental version played in the last meadow scene
4 ~ Heavy In Your Arms Florence And The Machine > Second song played in the credits
14 ~ What Part Of Forever Cee Lo Green > Third song played in the credits
16 ~ The Line Battles > Not in movie
18 ~ What Part Of Forever (Remix) Cee Lo Green > Not in movie
19 ~ Atlas (Remix) Fanfarlo > Not in movie

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